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Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card are included in the instruction manual
Reinforced waterproof for daily life: 10BAR
Country of origin: Japan
Mobile link function that can be linked by Bluetooth communication with compatible smartphones
Adopted non-reflective coating sapphire glass

High-spec thin smartphone link model will appear from "Edifice", which continues to evolve as an advanced high-performance metal chronograph
Despite the multi-needle chronograph equipped with a smartphone link with Bluetooth? And a tough solar that charges solar even with a small amount of light, a thin case of 8.9mm has been realized, greatly improving wearability
New board mounting technology, components, and structure improvements have succeeded in reducing the thickness by approximately 30% compared to the conventional Edifice Smartphone Link EQB-800 module.
“Accurate Time System” * that corrects the time by automatically linking to a smartphone four times a day via Bluetooth? And world time that can be selected from about 300 cities on the smartphone app are the main features.
The 9 o'clock dial always displays the time of the world time, and comfortably supports people traveling around the world on overseas trips and business trips
Accurate time around the world
A stopwatch capable of 200 lap memory transfers measurement data to the smartphone and records it in the app in 1/1000 second increments
There is also a last lap indicator that displays the time difference from the previous lap.
It is the appearance of the flagship model of edifice that realizes thinness and sticks to wearing without impairing functionality
* Accurate Time System is a time correction system that acquires the time from time servers around the world and combines it with Casio's own database to generate the current time.

Tough solar (solar charging system)

● 10 standard atmosphere waterproofing function

● Mobile link function (function linked by Bluetooth? Communication with compatible mobile phones)

● Dual time
-Stopwatch (1 second, 24 hour meter, with flyback, with one-push measurement start from time mode), up to 200 measurement data memories (lap time)

● Time alarm

● Power saving function (After a certain period of time in the dark, it stops the hand movement and saves power)

● Date and day display

● Full auto calendar
● Driving time without solar power generation from full charge: When using functions / approx. 5 months, when saving power / approx. 19 months * Normal quartz accuracy when not working with a smartphone ( (Average monthly difference ± 15 seconds)
* EQB-1000YD is certified by Japan Radio Law
Brand introduction Metal analog watch "Edifice"
which fused with advanced technology and dynamic design
Weight: 358
Model Number: EQB-1000YD-1AJF

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★★★★★ Thin and light
Post date : 10/09/2019

Google Translation
Translated by Google
Thin and light
One point green is a simple design that slightly insists on and off. It seems to be usable without worrying about ON / OFF Bluetooth was able to connect without stress in connection with iphone xs

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

ワンポイントのグリーンがわずかに主張するシンプルデザインでON/OFF気にせず使用できそう以前の機種と比較して明らかに薄く軽くなった点は特筆物電波時計ではないがスマートフォンリンクで自動時刻あわせ可能Bluetoothもiphone xsとの接続においてはストレスなく接続出来た

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★★★★★ it's the best.
Post date : 22/08/2019

Google Translation
Translated by Google
it's the best.
I am very happy. I have other Edifice watches but this watch is very thin and cool! I think the metal belt is also thinner than other watches. Simple, thin and cool.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ The actual thing is better than the image
Post date : 10/08/2019

Google Translation
Translated by Google
The actual thing is better than the image
I was wondering which series to choose, but I chose it because of its thinness.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ Good watch
Post date : 23/07/2019
The watch is light and was well made. The delivery was fast and the packing was good enough to protect the item.

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★★★★★ Multifunctional but simple and luxurious
Post date : 8/02/2019

Google Translation
Translated by Google
Multifunctional but simple and luxurious
I have several Edifice watches, and many of them are thick, but I was fascinated by the thinness and cleanliness of this watch, so it was thin. (The belt is innocent but finished thin) The design is simple for the multi-function, and I think that it can play an active part with this one in every scene. It is brewing.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ The strongest cospa clock
Post date : 7/01/2019

Google Translation
Translated by Google
The strongest cospa clock
I've been interested in EDIFICE's smartphone link model for a long time, but it was too heavy to buy. I'm thrilled that the EQB-1000 is thin and small. The blue-green accents appear to be hazy on the net image, which is also the manufacturer's product site, but in reality it is a beautiful metallic color and the dial looks just black, but this is also a beautiful hairline finish The real thing is much higher quality than looking on the net image. There are 2 dissatisfied points. The first point is the belt. I haven't used a metal band watch for a while, so I don't have any knowledge, but even after reading the manufacturer's website and manual, I couldn't tell if I could adjust the length of this belt myself. Eventually, I bought it at an online shop at Eiya, but belt adjustment was a type that I couldn't do without tools, so I took it to the shop and removed the frame. Recently, I think that there are not a few cases where I buy online. Another point is the smartphone search function. The smartphone search function is a function that is also attached to the smart watch that I own separately, I have used it several times, I was expecting that it also attached to this model, but the smart watch is Is this more effective in the same room than you could find in almost the whole area of a detached house? Compared to the charge capacity of the smartwatch and this watch, it was a little disappointing, of course. In addition, the sound to be played when you find it is chosen from three similar free sounds, but compared to the playful-packed smart watch that is called "I'm here !!" It ’s a little disappointing. I wrote two points of dissatisfaction, but this watch has a good point even if I make up for it. Thanks to CASIO for making this watch at this price. September 27, 2019 Postscript I think that the time is somehow off (although it is a few seconds ...), and when you look at the synchronization history, it was not synchronized for about 5 days. Why is it synchronized about 4 times a day? At first I thought that the distance was far away, but the distance at bedtime was only about 2 meters away, and both are on the desk at noon. Also, the app itself, or the functionality itself, is poor. If you don't connect to the watch, you won't be able to see the time setting history, or if you follow the utility menu, there is only an alarm setting function. It is full of feeling that made the app. The watch itself is great, but it ’s really disappointing. That ’s why I set it to -1. 30/10/2019 The postscript synchronization function seems to have to be manually set to exclude this app from the smartphone power-saving settings. After that setting, it is now synchronized 4 times a day. Speaking of setting mistakes, it is true, but for recent applications, it is common to change the default settings with a message at the time of installation for required settings. I can't wipe out the fact that CASIO is a hardware shop and neglecting software because it is not possible to do this. So is unchanged.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

以前からEDIFICEのスマホリンクモデルには興味があったのですが、大きい重いで購入には至りませんでした。EQB-1000はよくぞここまで薄く小さくしてくれたと感激です。ブルーグリーンのアクセントがネット画像、それもメーカーの製品サイトでもはくすんだように見えるのですが、実際は綺麗なメタリックカラーで、また文字盤もただの黒に見えますがこれも綺麗にヘアライン仕上げされているなど、ネットの画像で見るよりも、実物は遥かに品質感は高いです。不満な点は2点です。一点目はベルト。暫くメタルバンドの時計を使っていなかったので、知識が無いのもあるのですが、メーカーサイトやマニュアルを読んでも、このベルトの長さを自分で調整可能か否かが分かりませんでした。結局、えいやでネットショップで買ったのですが、ベルト調整は器具無しでは出来ないタイプだったので、ショップに持ち込みコマを外して貰いました。最近はネットで買うケースも少なくないと思いますので、このあたりの情報は明示して欲しいですね。もう一点は、スマホ探し機能について。スマホ探し機能は、別に所有しているスマートウォッチにも付いている機能で、何回か使ったことがあり、この機種にも付いているということで期待していたのですが、スマートウォッチが一戸建ての家のほぼ全域で探せたのと比べて、これは同じ部屋内で有効という感じでしょうか。スマートウォッチとこの時計の充電容量と比較すると、当然ではあるのですがちょっと残念でした。また、見つけた際に鳴らす音は、似たようなフリーサウンド3つから選ぶのですが、スマートウォッチが,曲をバックに「I'm here!!」と連呼する遊び心満載なのと比べると、何とも地味というか少々残念な感じですね。不満は2点書きましたが、それを補っても余りある良さがこの時計にはありますね。この価格でこの時計を作ってくれたCASIOに感謝です。2019/09/27 追記何だか時間がずれている(数秒ですが・・・)と思い、同期履歴を見ると5日間ほど同期していませんでした。日に4回ほど同期するとなっているのですが、なぜなんでしょう?最初は距離が離れているからとも考えたのですが、就寝時の距離は2mほどしか離れていないですし、昼はどちらも机上にあります。それと、アプリの使い勝手というか、機能そのものが貧弱ですね。時計と接続しないと時刻合わせの履歴が確認出来ないとか、ユーティリティってメニューを辿ると、そこにはアラーム設定機能しか無い、だったら最初からアラームにしろよとか、まともな設計をせずにやっつけ仕事でアプリ作りました感満載です。時計本体は素晴らしいのに、こういうところは本当に残念ですね。ということで、ー1にしました。2019/10/30 追記同期機能は、スマホの省電力設定からこのアプリを対象外に手動設定しなければならないようです。その設定後には日に4回正常に同期するようになりました。設定ミスと言えばその通りなのですが、昨今のアプリは必須設定については、インストール時にメッセージ付きでデフォルト設定を変更させるのが一般的です。こういう当たり前のことが出来ていないあたりが、CASIOはあくまでもハード屋であってソフトを軽視している感じが拭えないですね。なので、は変わらずです。

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