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Customs Duties

Your package may be subject to customs tax and VAT (Value Added Tax). These extra charges are forms of tax that are not included with Discovery Japan Mall or our shipping charge. They will be collected from you directly when the package is delivered, and it will be your responsibility to complete the payment in order to receive your order. Furthermore, your government may allow your postal service and couriers to charge fees to cover the administrative costs involved in customs clearance (instead of using the tax money to fund the effort).

Customs fees are determined by the country the item is shipped to. Although we are able to provide an estimate, for the actual price, we suggest you contact the courier service or customs office directly.

Once the item(s) have been delivered to your address, it is not possible to reject the payment of such duties. Even if the shipment is rejected by the customer, the company will NOT refund the customer. Prices indicated do not include any applicable VAT, customs duties, or any other form of tax that your government may collect from you directly at the time of delivery. 

Packages may be exempt from customs fees if the value of items included is less than a certain value.

We are required to declare the value of prices paid for items accurately on the package to ensure that your package arrives without troubles at customs. We are unable to meet your request to declare the item at a lower price than the actual price.

Since the customs fees are determined by the customs office, please note that we are unable to predict or control it on our end. Please make sure to check the customs policy of your country beforehand.

Below are approximate rates of customs tax and VAT in some countries to the best of our understanding.

  • French VAT: 20%
  • German VAT: 19.0%
  • UK VAT: 20.0%
  • Netherlands VAT: 21.0%
  • Italian VAT: 21%
  • Brazilian Customs Tax: 60% (plus eventually costs of transport and insurance).
  • Mexico VAT: 16%
  • Canada VAT: 5%
  • Thailand VAT: 7%
  • Switzerland VAT: 7,6%
  • Australia VAT: 10%
  • China VAT: 17%
  • Russia VAT: 18%
  • Spain VAT: 21%
  • Finland VAT: 23%
  • Sweden VAT: 25%
  • Danemark VAT: 25%
  • Norway VAT: 25%
  • Paraguay VAT: 10%
  • Peru VAT: 18%
  • Chile VAT: 19%
  • Argentina VAT: 21%
  • Uruguay VAT: 22%
  • Venezuela VAT: 12%
  • Ecuador VAT: 12%
  • Bolivia VAT: 13%
  • Colombia VAT: 16%
  • India VAT: 12,5%

Please note that above are approximate rates. Since they vary widely from country to country, it won't be possible for us to find out the accurate rates on our end. If your country is listed below, please visit the websites from the links to find out the accurate rates before you place your order. If your country is not listed, contact the customs office of your country.

United Kingdom

Discount by Points and Coupon

Points and coupon redeemed on an order do not alter the value of items themselves, even though they lower the total amount we bill you for the purchase. However, as far as customs officials are concerned, the price paid for the product and service we offer is insignificant. They will determine the customs duty solely on the verifiable price of items that were brought into the territory.

Sending Your Order as a Gift

To send your order as a gift, select "Send my order as a gift, and do not print prices on the packing slip" in the "Shipping and Gift Options" step at the time you order.

Please note that even if we send your order as a gift, it does not mean that you will automatically be exempt from paying customs taxes. If you select this option, we will mark your package as a gift. Also, the prices of items won't be printed on the Packing Slip, which is a list of items to be included inside the package. However, we are still required to declare the value of items on the outside of the package.