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Smartphone Link Model

By linking with your smartphone, you can automatically adjust the time and manage world time.

Radio Solar Model

Unique solar charging system keeps accurate time.

Standard Solar Model

A sporty and energetic case and band. For business people who seek speed.

The concept of EDIFICE is Speed & Intelligence. A highly functional sporty chronograph that combines advanced technology and dynamic design.

If you press and hold the top right button, the time display for home time and world time will be swapped. This is a convenient feature when traveling abroad for business or travel, or when returning home from overseas. The biggest feature is probably the "smartphone link".

Smartphone Link allows various settings to be made by linking with a smartphone app using Bluetooth. For example, once a day at a preset time, it will automatically connect to your smartphone and adjust the two times: home time and world time. In addition, with a single push, you can obtain the time that is compatible with not only the time difference but also daylight saving time, so you can quickly adjust the time to the correct local time.

When we held demonstrations at airports around the world, many business people stopped by and expressed their interest in EDIFICE. Many people bought it on the spot, and when I asked them why, they said it was because they could easily "know" the exact time in multiple cities.

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