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Target: Men
Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card are included in the instruction manual
Reinforced waterproof for daily life: 10BAR
Country of origin: Japan
Case diameter: 42 mm
Brand description: `` High quality watches at the right price
Japanese watch brands planning and manufacturing
Kentex has cultivated watch exterior technology and design power since its establishment.
We create a valuable watch that combines function and beauty with a focus on detail in Japanese craftsmanship.
Developed our own coating technology “Nano Bright Protection?” (Abbreviated as NBP), thoroughly pursuing “hard scratches are hard to be damaged”
Case body coated with NBP provides about 10 times more scratch resistance than normal stainless steel
<Nano Bright Protection?>
A unique new technology that applies ultra-hard coating with a thickness of only 0.3μm by vapor deposition by reacting chromium (Cr) with a special gas.
Its surface hardness is about 10 times that of ordinary stainless steel (Vickers hardness 1,800). Furthermore, after coating, it becomes a bright and transparent silver color compared to stainless steel, which improves the appearance of luxury.
(1μm = 1 / millionth of 1m) [1] The case uses sagittal grade (medical grade) SUS316L high corrosion resistance stainless steel
Semi-skeleton specification of honeycomb mesh
[2] Tough and daring design with 6 hexagonal screws
[3] NBP coating achieves scratch resistance that is about 10 times less scratching than ordinary stainless steel
[4] NBP coating realizes a brighter and more luxurious silver color than ordinary stainless steel
[5] Windshield uses sapphire crystal
Tough design that doesn't get scratched along with the exterior
[6] The dial is tough and sporty with a matte finish
From the honeycomb mesh dial reminiscent of motor sports, you can enjoy the dynamic feeling of the movement.
[7] Movement is highly reliable Japanese automatic winding
[8] The back of the skeleton case back is printed with a honeycomb design with a world map motif. [9] Superluminous is used for the needle and index to ensure nighttime visibility.
[10] A 13-digit product ID is engraved on all models along with the serial number "No.001 / 188-"
on the back cover.
By registering from the dedicated website, maintenance services such as periodic inspections, replacement of consumable parts, and disassembly and cleaning are provided in a timely manner.

Model Number: S763X-07

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