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Target: Men
Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card included
Reinforced waterproof for daily life: 20BAR
Country of origin: Japan
Case width: 46.5mm
Brand description: `` Blue Impulse SP ''
finally appears in JSDF series highest peak model
This model was made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Blue Impulse's current model, the T-4. High spec model
Special dedicated BOX comes with the first ballistic nylon belt of Blue Impulse model
In addition to light weight, it has many other functions sufficient for mission execution.
In addition to charging under sunlight, it can also be charged with indoor light.
A lineup of Kentex JSDF models as a full-scale practical model that allows missions to be performed while in use
* Product development with the cooperation of the Ministry of Defense's Aviation Staff Director and Blue Impulse official emblem (and other official JASDF logo national flag mark)
・ The special index that expresses the blue impulse has the marks of the aircraft shown in the display emblems of 1 to 6 representing 6 aircraft from 7 to 12
The 5 o'clock index, which means No. 5, is the reverse of the motif that the 5 mark drawn on the pilot's helmet is reversed

・ Solar's unique honeycomb mesh dial uses three-dimensional ND index with strong phosphorescence to ensure nighttime visibility. Blue impulse T-4 line drawing commemorating the 20th anniversary is also alive on the dial.

・ The original structure with both anti-magnetic and shock-resistant structures protects the watch from the magnetism surrounded by the latest equipment and has a structure that is strong against shocks.

・ In addition to a variety of chronograph functions, the display function has both a tachymeter and a telemeter, and a real military function that enables various measurements.

・ A solar model that stores drive energy and has a drive time of 6 months, and also has a magnetic and shock resistant structure.

・ The first ballistic nylon belt attached to the Blue Impulse model is lighter and more durable in the cockpit, and more practical in terms of air permeability.

・ The serial number and the product ID of the Kentex original service are included in the case back along with the notation of the anniversary to commemorate the 20th anniversary.

Model Number: S720M-02

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