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Target: Men
Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card included
Reinforced waterproof for daily life: 20BAR
Country of origin: Japan
Case width: 44.8mm
Brand description: Successor to MARINEMAN SEAHOURSE, which gained popularity as a full-scale diver watch compliant with ISO6425
In addition to the new logo renovation, the case back is also decorated with gold and has evolved further.
In order to ensure production quality, a limited number of 188 items for the initial production only will be released, and it is highly rare
ISO6425… Diversity watch international test standard is specified
ISO submersible waterproofing standards
clear reading performance, magnetism resistance, impact resistance, salt water resistance, underwater operability, external force resistance, thermal shock resistance, pressure waterproofing (display x 1.25), immersion resistance
Pressurized waterproof test is a test at 20 x 1.25 = 25 atm.
[1] The case uses sagittal grade (medical grade) SUS316L high corrosion resistance stainless steel
44.8mm powerful size, strong body
[2] Carbide ceramic is used for the bezel
Glossy finish with luxury
[3] The top glass is a sapphire crystal with a lens, and the calendar is large and easy to see.
(Transparency, improved visibility) In addition, visibility is maintained due to the absence of scratches
[4] The dial has a glossy wrapping finish. [5] The movement is highly reliable with a three-hand calendar automatic winding made in Japan.
With second hand regulating device
[6] Case thickness is 200m high pressure waterproof, but 12.8mm thin, well-balanced and very comfortable design
[7] The center of the case back is engraved with a gold-colored SEAHOURSE (seahorse) design that expresses its commitment to the invisible back side.
[8] The highest grade white super-luminous is used for the needle and index, and the visibility at night is outstanding.
[9] The back pig is engraved with a 13-digit product ID along with the serial number "No.001 / 188 ~"
on all models.
By registering from the dedicated website, maintenance services such as periodic inspections, replacement of consumable parts, and disassembly and cleaning are provided in a timely manner.
188 limited edition
Model Number: S706M-14

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