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Winding length (cm): 91
Gear ratio: 8.6
Weight (g): 205
Maximum drag force (kg): 5
Standard winding amount PE: 1.0-300, 1.5-180
Handle length (mm): 100
Bearing (Ball /: 12/1
Handle knob S interchangeable Salt compatible
Magway ball bearing / ATD / T-wing system 2-way tie laval reel attacked with "Easy winding"
concept and "High-speed winding"
concept. The “roll” in Tai Lava is the conversation with the sea and the confrontation with the target. Hyper Digi Gear equipped model developed in pursuit of the ultimate “winding”. High sensitivity model 8.6 that can even feel the flicker of one tie. 4.9 is an easy-to-roll model that can face any large kite with its light and powerful winding. High operability from low profile shape. Super metal housing creates a light and powerful winding that feels like a round reel. The elements required for Tylaba fuse at a high level.

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★★★★★ Ready for muscle pain or tendonitis
Post date : 10/02/2019

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Ready for muscle pain or tendonitis
It is heavy if you wrap it around the heel and fall into the illusion of muscle training. I still wanted my muscle pain, but I didn't want to have tendonitis, so I sold it to a secondhand store.

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兎に角、筋トレしているような錯覚に陥るぐらい巻くと重い。 まだ筋肉痛ならいいが腱鞘炎になるのは嫌だから中古屋に売却した。

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