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Target: Men
Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card are included in the instruction manual
Reinforced waterproof for daily life: 20BAR
Radio stations for 6 stations worldwide (Japan x 2, North America, UK, Germany, China)
Shock-resistant structure that resists shock and vibration
Triple sensor capable of measuring azimuth, altitude / pressure and temperature
Full auto LED light that lights up when the arm is tilted only when the brightness is judged to be dark (only when full auto light is on)
Brand description: G-SHOCK has built a new concept of toughness in watches
It all started with a developer's passion for creating a watch that would not break even if dropped, and a reckless challenge that overturned the common sense of the time.
Over 200 prototypes have been repeated, and about two years have been spent, and the shock-resistant structure has been completed.
It is the birth of technology to play the core of toughness
Since then, G-SHOCK has continued to evolve endlessly
Structure, material, function
Pursuing further toughness in every aspect
From the G-SHOCK Master of G series, which pursues tireless toughness and continues to challenge the limit, the master of the high temperature and heavy rain jungle that is one of the harshest environments on earth G "Range Man"
A new toughness structure is adopted for the rangers and rescuers who are active in extreme environments to display the information necessary to perform the survival mission quickly and reliably, and the first triple sensor as G-SHOCK Installed (* as of September 2013)
Developed “button guard cylinder structure”, a new toughness structure for Master of G “Rangeman”
A unique cylinder-shaped button guard that reduces the impact on large metal buttons and enables smooth and accurate operation.
In addition, the sensor button that displays information on altitude, direction, pressure / temperature, which is frequently used, uses a metal cylinder guard to mitigate impact from the side, prevent foreign objects from entering, and smoother Enables accurate button operation
Pursuing functions, operability, and finishing designed for use by specialists who are active in harsh environments
Regardless of the mode, such as an alarm or timer, when the sensor button is pressed, the function to display the last used sensor mode directly has been added.
In addition, three levels of notification sound are given to each mode, and it is possible to visually check which mode was activated when the button was operated.
In addition, it is equipped with a direct time stamp that can easily memorize the time with one push, and a stopwatch that can be quickly activated with one push in the event of an operation or emergency.
The carbon fiber insert band, which has excellent tensile durability, and metal parts are used for buttons, side screws, and free rings, and the toughness design is effective at the same time as pursuing durability.
Master of G Rangeman who has evolved tougher and more functional to challenge the limit

・ Shock-resistant structure
・ 20 ATM water resistant function
・ Carbon fiber insert band
・ Tough solar (solar charging system)
・ Radio wave reception function: Automatic reception (maximum 6 times / day) (China radio wave is maximum 5 times / day) / manual reception, compatible area / Japan / North America / Europe / China * For cities that can receive home time settings If set, you will receive stations tailored to the city
The time difference is set by the selected city.

・ Azimuth measurement function
・ 16 azimuth
・ Measure azimuth angle (0 to 359 degrees)
・ Continuous azimuth measurement (60 seconds)
・ Graph display of east, west, south, and north
・ Bearing memory (azimuth angle, one graphic showing the recorded direction) Memory)
・ Magnetic declination correction function
・ Direction correction function
・ Atmospheric pressure measurement function
・ Measurement range: 260 to 1,100hPa
・ Atmospheric pressure trend graph display (displays the past 42 hours)
・ Atmospheric pressure difference graphic
・ Atmospheric pressure trend information alarm (characteristic When a change in atmospheric pressure occurs, it is indicated by an alarm and an arrow)
・ Altitude measurement function / relative altimeter (measurement range: -700 to 10,000 m)
・ Altitude memory (automatically recorded data: maximum altitude, minimum altitude, integrated 1 ascending altitude and integrated descending altitude), altitude difference graphic, altitude difference measurement (-3,000 to 3,000m), measurement interval setting function (every 5 seconds / 2 minutes) * Only for the first 3 minutes every second・ Temperature measurement function (measurement range: -10 ~ 60 ℃)
World time: 48 cities (31 time zones, with daylight saving time setting function) + UTC (universal coordinated time) time displaySunrise / sunset time displayManual memory function: altitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature, direction, time ( (Time stamp function) up to 40 records
・ Stopwatch (1/100 second, 1000 hours total, with split)
・ Timer (set unit: 1 minute, maximum set: 24 hours, measured in 1 second units)
・ Five time alarms (only one has a snooze function)
・ Time signal
・ Battery indicator display
・ Power saving function (In the dark, the display is turned off to save power)
・ Full auto calendar
・ 12/24 hour display switching
・ Operation sound ON / OFF switching function
・ LED backlight (with full auto light, super illuminator, afterglow function, afterglow time switch (1.5 sec / 3 sec))
・ Driving time without solar power generation from full charge: When using the function / approx. 8 months, when saving power / approx. 23 months * When radio wave reception is not performed, normal quartz accuracy (average month (Difference ± 15 seconds)

Dimension: 10.2 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm
Model Number: GW-9400BJ-1JF

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★★★★★ It looks fashionable and fits your arm.
Post date : 9/10/2019

Google Translation
Translated by Google
It looks fashionable and fits your arm.
I was thinking about buying it because I wanted it. It's cool as I thought.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ Great Watch
Post date : 26/09/2019
Little larger than last sports watch (Pathfinder) and for the dress watch folks out there, it is a little larger than the Omega James Bond watch, but about half the weight obviously. I am small framed male with about an 8" wrist and it fits fine. If one has ever owned a Gshock or Pathfinder they will have no trouble setting the time, other functions might be different from watches without the sensors, but very similar to the Pathfinder.Only thing I wish Casio would correct is: Since this is a Tactical watch, they should black-out or grey-out everything so that there is nothing 'shiny'.

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★★★★★ It ’s part of the body.
Post date : 14/09/2019

Google Translation
Translated by Google
It ’s part of the body.
If you don't have an automatic backlight, you don't have to worry about charging first. However, be careful when there is an LT display. If you use it in winter, there is a lot of time hidden in your clothes, so it will not be charged and it will light up frequently. I really like being able to make an alarm sound when there is a sudden change in atmospheric pressure. In mountains, sudden pressure changes are very important to know the weather!

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ Low Profile Super Watch
Post date : 11/09/2019
It is true that the numbers are bit dimmer on the watch when you are looking at them in person compared to the product pictures. However, they are not so dark that you cannot read the display, and I feel the low profile black screen looks much better than the standard rangeman watch display. It has a feature that will automatically turn on the illumination if you move your watch towards your face if you really feel it is too dark. I love this watch. It is much lighter that it appears and is packed with features. The carbon fiber band is very comfortable and feels solid. Every night I put the watch on my night stand by the window and it updates the Atomic Time every night. I live in South Texas so I am outside of the intermediate range of the Colorado signal and I still have no problems. Overall I would definitely recommend if you want a tough, low profile, and extremely useful watch.

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★★★★★ Great
Post date : 9/09/2019

Google Translation
Translated by Google
It is replacement by purchase from Protrek which we purchased more than ten years ago, but function is good and is cool and likes very much.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ Thiswatch is awesome
Post date : 5/09/2019
This watch is awesome. Super happy with it. Did a ton of research and I'm glad I grabbed this one while I could. It does a lot more than I already thought it did. I really wanted the blacked out style and the carbon fiber band didn't hurt the cause either. Not sure if they still make this type but it was worth the purchase. I found an English manual online in a matter of seconds as the Japanese Import version just comes with......yes you guessed it. But I have also heard in other reviews that this seller has provided English manuals upon request but again super easy to just download one.

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★★★★★ Design good
Post date : 2/09/2019

Google Translation
Translated by Google
Design good
The design is amazing. I couldn't fully charge it.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ Rangeman inversion type
Post date : 11/08/2019

Google Translation
Translated by Google
Rangeman inversion type
I tried to buy it for the first time without using the reversal type in G-Shock, but I feel a little unsightly. I think that I should be able to use it from now on as soon as I use it. I think that the feeling of using the buttons of the triple sensor is good. I'm looking forward to using carbon fiber belts.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ I received yesterday
Post date : 27/07/2019

Google Translation
Translated by Google
I received yesterday
I like it very much, the function also has an instant such as altitude, direction, atmospheric pressure, sunrise, etc., I like the digital display with reversed characters, sometimes it is difficult to see the characters with slight adjustment, from practicality If you go, it might be easier to see the regular character type.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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★★★★★ This is RANGEMAN
Post date : 13/07/2019

Google Translation
Translated by Google
There is a GPS RANGEMAN, but I don't think that is the purpose of the ranger. I don't want to use it to charge the phone and the main unit because of the ranger activity. It's a long-distance navigation. I think it ’s good. This model is capable of 1/100 second stopwatch with one push, time stamp with one push, day of the week switching and normal atmospheric pressure display (prediction of weather changes can be seen as normal display). The black face can be used comfortably because the autolight is dark and there is no problem, and the consumed power is recharged with a short amount of sunlight. I have never experienced difficulty in seeing because there are only inverted liquid crystals. I think the good thing about RANGEMAN is that it can be used in any harsh environment. By the way, the imported model is not a carbon insert belt, so it should be avoided if it is used for the original ranger purpose. 06/26/2019 It has been so useful that I haven't taken it off my arm except when showering.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

GPSのRANGEMANが出てるけど、あれがレンジャー使用目的とは思えないし、そもそもレンジャー活動なんかでスマホと本体の充電なんて使いもんにならないし、長距離のナビゲーションだわで ”NAVIMASTER” とでもネーミングした方がいいんじゃないかと。こちらのモデルはワンプッシュで1/100秒のストップウォッチ、ワンプッシュでタイムスタンプ、曜日と切り替え常時気圧表示(天気の移り変わりの予測が通常表示のまま見られる)が可能。ブラックフェイスもオートライトで暗がりで問題ないし、消費した電力は短時間の太陽光でまた充電されるんで気楽に使える。うちは反転液晶しかないから見づらさは一度も経験したことなし。どんな過酷な環境でも使えるのがこのRANGEMANのいいところだと思うよ。ちなみに輸入モデルはカーボンインサートベルトじゃないんで本来のレンジャー目的の使用なら避けたほうがいいと思う。2019/06/26現在買ってからシャワー時以外腕から外した事ないほど役立ってる。

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