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Here's the solution: Have you ever had too much to read, such as when studying, and have a hard time remembering the points? Then, highlight the important points with Zebra's Mild Liner! You should be able to study

Versatile: Zebra's Mildliner is not only perfect for students, it's also a powerful ally for the office

It can be used for any type of document, and it adds vivid colors when drawing creative patterns.

Amazingly high quality: Zebra's mild liner delivers amazingly vivid colors

The underlined text is also easier to read and easier on your eyes.

In addition, it uses high-quality water-based highlight inks to prevent page bleeding and ruin your documents.

The liner inside is "double side&quot
(can be used at both ends), and it can be quickly changed to a thick nib or a thin nib.

Thick ones can highlight large texts, and thin ones can add underline and fine annotations.

Full set: All 25 colors are available, and it comes with a stylish pencil case.

This allows you to mix and match different colors to add annotations, and create your favorite style to make various documents and annotations easier to read and point out.

Whether you're a student reading a textbook, an office worker dealing with a variety of documents, or a hobbyist highlighting your favorite parts of a book, Mildliner is a great ally. I will! There are 25 colors in this set, so it's perfect for organizing the main points.

≪Why is this highlighter an indispensable item? ≫ The reason is that it is not only very convenient, but it can also highlight large texts, but it can also add detailed annotations, so it can be turned around quickly.

The variety of colors makes it very easy to read, and it is very convenient for studying and correcting documents (memo)! ≪Features of Mild Dryer≫
・ Ultra-high quality

Ink never bleeds on the page

・ Double side

For small annotations and large text highlights

・ Stylish pen case

Firmly keeps a wide variety of pens

・ Universal highlighter pen

For both students and office workers

Anyway, it is recommended for anyone who wants to organize the main points first.

・ Ideal for gifts

Everyone, adults and children, will be pleased

☆ All colors: Mild Pink / Mild Yellow / Mild Blue Green / Mild Blue Mild Orange / Mild Red / Mild Green / Mild Dark Blue Mild Violet / Mild Gray / Mild Dark Gary / Mild Cyan Mild Coral Pink / Mild Apricot / Mild Lemon Yellow Mild Drabender / Mild Summer Green / Mild Citrus Green Mild Marigold / Mild Fukusia / Mild Brown / Mild Vermilion Mild Gold / Mild Smoke Blue / Mild Magenta

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