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★★★★★  Great Purchase, Little to No Smudging!
Post date : Sunday, Aug 11 2019

I love these Zebra Mildliners so far! But some of the tips on the fine side seem to be not as sharp as some of the other shades in the boxes. I wonder if they were previously used as some other reviews had mentioned. But, I am happy with my purchase. I have even begun to use the highlighters today to study for an upcoming exam. They are beautiful shades that go over my Sharpie pens smoothly without smudging. I have included a few note cards as samples of the colors and how both tips write. I highlighted the writing immediately after the words were written to test out the smudge factor. I love that these highlighters are not too pigmented so that I can use multiple without feeling overwhelmed with color.

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★★★★★  Dude, yes.
Post date : Wednesday, Aug 7 2019

I saw these on many pinterest posts, and they are everything I wanted. The colors are adorable and not overwhelmingly neon-bright. I've tried them on different paper, Rhodia dot, field notes, Quo Vadis Habana, Leuchtturm lined and unruled, Moleskine grid, Piccadilly ruled, and craft paper. They show up the best on Rhodia dot, no bleeding on the Habana, and do bleed through the field notes and Piccadilly paper is already pretty thin so, you definitely see it.Anyway, they're great, I use them in my planner and for lecture notes.

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★★★★★  lovely
Post date : Tuesday, Jun 25 2019

i. love. these. markers.the purple pack is the "highlighter" set. the colors are softer than regular highlighters, so they are a very pleasant pastel version of the neon colors. it's much nicer to look at in a planner or journal. the name "mildliner" is very fitting for that reason.the gold and blue packs have beautiful colors, and i would say that these are more 'marker' than they are 'highlighter'. the colors are bolder, and absolutely beautiful tones. the colors in the packs are coordinated to complement each other, making nice color schemes on their own. i really appreciate the way that they have separated the colors into the warm (gold pack) and cool (blue pack) tones. i just wish i could read the packaging.each of the markers has two tips. the "bold" side is about 4mm wide -- perfect for highlighting or script calligraphy. and the "fine" side is probably 1.5 or 2 mm, which is equivalent to a medium tip in similar felt pens.the packaging of these pens is also worth mentioning. the plastic is flexible, the kind that some expandable folders are made out of. i toss these in my bag and they stand up to the trekking about, and the flap kind of tucks in to close and keep the pens together.

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★★★★★  You can blend these and they self clean!! Sorta lefty approved.
Post date : Tuesday, Jun 18 2019

These are amazing. I love them. I loved them more when I found out you can blend the little suckers just like the tombow markers, AND they self clean. Just scribble on some smooth scrap paper and you're good to go.As for pen ink, in my photos I'm writing on Kokuyo paper, so that does make a difference. The only one that smeared was the ink joy and those smear slightly under the JistFit MojiniLine highlighters sometimes. However, on traditional paper all of these inks will smear under a mildliner. But not to worry, just lay your color down first give it some time, and then write on top of it. These work wonderfully for adding color to your hand lettering, and they work great as basic highlighters. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. The nibs are smooth and put up my abuse beautifully. I have no complaints, other than I could use some more colors. They are worth the price for sure. They are also careful lefty approved. I'm not a South paw, I write with my hand not hooked over my pen so I can get away with somethings true south paws can't. These do come out wet. But give it a couple seconds and they'll be fine.

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★★★★★  amazing!
Post date : Thursday, Jun 13 2019

these highlighters are wonderful. the colors are so nice and unique. these are perfect for someone like me who is not too fond of the typical bright highlighters. the only complaint i have is that there is a little bit of bleeding on the other side but it's not too much to where it's a problem. overall just a great pack of highlighters!

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★★★★★  Beautiful Colors, No Scent, No Smudging - Great for Bujo and Highlighter Calligraphy
Post date : Tuesday, Apr 16 2019

The Zebra MILDLINER Set is a great set of highlighters if you're looking for a good light colored highlighter set. I use my Mildliners primarily for bullet journaling, and I love the colors and effects I can get achieve with these particular pens. The colors range from soft pastel to bright (but not neon bright) and the colors go on very smoothly and evenly. Each pen is double ended, which honestly I almost didn't notice. There is a broad side for highlighting and a pointed end if you want to write something down in a slightly smaller font. The ink colors match the cap color fairly closely, and there is no scent when using these pens. Also, the pen dry very quickly and will not smudge on the Leuchtturm1917 Softcover Medium Dotted Notebook Black pages. With a pack of three, there's also a good variety for a good cost - these would be a great gift to get your bullet journaling friend or for yourself!

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★★★★★  I like the different variety of colors
Post date : Saturday, Mar 23 2019

I like the different variety of colors, it gives me better choices for color coding my class notes. Although it does bleed through and does smear certain pens like the Pilot G2. But overall really excited and looking forward to using them this semester.

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★★★★★  Perfect for journaling !
Post date : Friday, Feb 1 2019

I started bullet journaling a couple months ago and didn’t really know where to start as far as supplies. I bought extremely bright highlighters and couldn’t stand them. It wasn’t until I bought this pack of markers that I really got in the style of what I wanted for my journal. They are beautiful colors and perfect highlighters. I love how they are double sided pens so I can use them for coloring, drawing or highlighting. A perfect asset to any journaling person. They don’t bleed and aren’t too neon that your journal looks like a rave.

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