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For authenticity, we have included even the negative reviews that we receive below

June - 2021-11-05
"Excellent. Fast shipping."
Russell - 2021-11-02
"Great service as always."
Kelsey - 2021-11-02
"It was an easy website to find what I needed."
Mary - 2021-10-26
"Easy, fast, order was delivered within a week!"
Jakub - 2021-10-25
"Good. Item shipped fast."
Tsui Ling - 2021-10-25
"Website is not that fast or easy to navigate compared to most others. "
Lorentz - 2021-10-16
"Very good overall, please try to include european letters like ÅÄÖ - I know this is not easy when you get so many orders in a country without those letters on the keyboard like in Japan. That is my one contemplation. All the best."
Michael - 2021-10-14
"Really good, thank you for handling it fast."
Scott - 2021-10-14
"Pretty good. It arrived in the time I'd expect it to for my area. Quality of the items are pretty good no complaints here."
Sandra - 2021-10-12
Kelley - 2021-10-11
"I saw this "Virtual Blue" watch in previews a few weeks ago and really liked its style. But I knew it was only available in Japan and I had heard horror stories about some outlets that blanket the United States with advertisements, but have counterfeit Casios. So I did a little research to find reputable outlets and your store was mentioned by numerous people. You had it available for pre-order a few days before its official release; so I bought it through you. The experience was excellent. It shipped when promised and even with a customs delay it was on my doorstop halfway around the world within a week."
Toby - 2021-10-10
"fantastic, easy to order, quick shipping and competitive pricing "
Yang-Che - 2021-10-10
Alessandro - 2021-10-05
"It's all ok"
orson - 2021-10-01
"easy procedure throughout. thank you but i neef an english manual ugently to make it 100% thanks, orson."
Jairus - 2021-09-24
"Standard delivery "
Nayanar - 2021-09-21
Noemi - 2021-09-08
"Me confundí y quiero devolverlo"
Orlando - 2021-09-04
"A great experience"
Antonio - 2021-09-04
"The website is _very_ slow and unstable and crashed several times, making me doubt if the order even went through. Luckily it did."
Dan - 2021-09-04
"Well the experience was great and fast, i will buy more items of this store. Excellent. "
ชูวัฒน์ - 2021-08-28
Cheryse - 2021-08-28
"I love using Discovery Japan, your delivery is fast efficient and your packaging is always so neat"
Dirk Wander - 2021-08-26
"Very good. I was kept up to date via email very well and the product arrived fast. Only improvement would have been if I could have paid in euros, this would have saved me currency conversion costs."
Matthew - 2021-08-25
Luis - 2021-08-13
"The delivery was fast and the item I ordered was at a good price at this store. It was very hard to find the specific model I was looking for at a reasonable price. "
Saeeb - 2021-08-11
"slow dispatch compared to what was stated and delivery was priced incorrectly (had to pay extra) making it only slightly cheaper but good customer service and item arrived undamaged so ++"
Stav - 2021-07-27
"Great, thank you :)"
IN UK - 2021-07-26
"It was great service, fast and reliable. it was awesome! Other Tamiya product's prices are bit higher than other place. Thank you. It was great experiences."
Kenneth - 2021-07-22
"It was very simple to use. An estimated conversion rate would be appreciated when looking at the product. Shipping was surprisingly quick and at a reasonable cost. "
Matthew - 2021-07-18
"Good, but the watch came earlier than I than advertised, I was out of town and couldnt pay the import tax so it nearly got sent back, luckily my maid was in and paid for it. Otherwise I wouldnt have got it. (I had specifically said, please dont deliver it early as I cant receive it.) The product is great, but the manual is only in Japanese. I didnt know why this automatic watch was not working, and wouldnt make it work. It took us ages to understand why"
Barry - 2021-07-14
"It was pleasant. I am reassured that I can order items from abroad and have them delivered safely."
Scott - 2021-07-13
"It was in good quality and arrived at a time most expected. Really enjoyed it can recommend should it catch one's interest, but most importantly I liked how it was presented it felt like a nice completed purchase."
Hieu Nhan - 2021-07-11
"You indeed mentioned clearly the taxes have to be settled by the buyer , suggest you propose a tax included price to avoid the hassle of paperwork and delay. Took me a long time to buy because there are not enough information about your store (fake or scam site as suggested by some people..)"
Luis Miguel - 2021-07-04
"When I saw this piece go on the market, I looked for where to buy it. The experience buying it here has been great for its simplicity, fair price and great diversity of articles. On the other hand, if the transport company had been DHL instead of Fedex, for logistics reasons in my country, the qualification in the purchase would have been unbeatable. As a suggestion, could the transport company be chosen by the buyer? Thanks."
Luis Miguel - 2021-07-04
"When I saw this piece go on the market, I looked for where to buy it. The experience buying it here has been great for its simplicity, fair price and great diversity of articles. On the other hand, if the transport company had been DHL instead of Fedex, for logistics reasons in my country, the qualification in the purchase would have been unbeatable. As a suggestion, could the transport company be chosen by the buyer? Thanks."
Sherwin - 2021-06-29
"Items shipped quickly and packaged well. Good experience, will purchase again in the future"
david - 2021-06-25
"great buying experience, very quick delivery. will definitely use discovery japan in the future. "
Ahmad - 2021-06-21
" Hi Chris, The whole experience was weird. I found you through google shopping. The google shopping website mentioned that the pen will get free shipping. I went to site and found that no free shipping. I sent out feedback about this but never got a reply from the website. So, went ahead and ordered anyway. When I received the pen, which was very fast, I found it defective. Tried to get a return shipping label in two ways. Didn't get a reply, so reached out to PayPal and the ordered was refunded. Thanks. "
Harry - 2021-06-21
" I know i paid more than the actual listed price with freight and duty .. but its ok i jus love the watch. "
立海 - 2021-06-19
"I would like to find another store buying G-shock, your store is expensive and no price matching refuse communicate with clients is the attitude of discovery mall, never buy any products unless that product is your store only, good bye."
Sitha - 2021-06-12
"Great and trusty website however it would be great and more appealing for more purchases if the delivery fee can more economical. "
Eden - 2021-05-30
"Superb! However, its a long wait."
Russell - 2021-05-29
"Great service and product."
Mark - 2021-05-23
"Absolutely brilliant. The price was very fair and the service and speed of delivery was first class. I will be using you for all of my orders in future."
Iris - 2021-05-19
"The service is terrible. My child bought it without permission and I wanted to cancel it immediately, but I was not allowed to do this and was simply sent although I wrote an email twice and said I do not want this product! Now I am left with these costs, because customs do not send the package any further! I can NOT recommend this site, very unprofessional!"
Michael Lark - 2021-05-18
"It looks affordable for its price, however the shipping and fedex fees charged more than the item. if the cost was Y 3300 I ended up paying Y9000 in total. I will create a review of the actual item. It will be posted on my youtube channel:"
Jorim - 2021-05-17
"The item does not match the photos you have on your website, the handle is different and there were dents Ian’s chips on the product. It looks like it is a knock off version of the Shimano reels. I am very unhappy with this product. I will never order from discovery Japan again "
Sebastian - 2021-05-14
"Very clear and a speedy delivery considering overseas shipping, and constant updates on my item"
Erika - 2021-05-14
"Im happy with Discovery FedEx in Switzerland was unflexibel and slow. "
Troy - 2021-05-11
"Great had no problems with ordering"
Gökhan - 2021-05-11
"Very good. Thank you!"
Cheryl - 2021-05-08
"Easy purchase. Quick delivery. No extra fees as an import item. Which I believe is the case in some other countries. "
Chris - 2021-05-06
"The buying experience was good. Easy to order and shipping was fast"
MIROSLAW - 2021-05-03
"Difficulties on customs in Poland."
Darren - 2021-04-29
"Very long delay in getting it shipped"
Bisser - 2021-04-22
"Excellent! Well packaged and in perfect condition. Fast delivery."
David - 2021-04-18
"I had a smooth, hassle-free experience, receiving my order promptly and in perfect condition. Very happy with the service."
Eden - 2021-04-16
"It has not been delivered yet, but the ordering went okay!"
Mi Young - 2021-04-14
"Very unpleasant: I purchased on your website and then sent a cancellation request for the order in less than 24 hours because I had received an confirmation email that there will be duty VAT/tax. I was concerned about how high it would cost so requested for cancellation as soon as I could. It got rejected by your representative via email; the email said the order was in processing. I checked my credit card, and it was not even posted nor was showing as a pending charge. None... so re-wrote asking for cancellation as it the processing was still in progress. It got rejected again. That's when I felt that I was being forced to purchase. I have never experienced on-line stores rejects order cancellation request when the order processing was not yet completed and no charge was posted as pending on the credit card. It was within the window of less that 24 hours. Then the order arrived.... And it had a letter on top of the product inside the box that the hair dryers may required a voltage converter as it's 100 watts, which is not usable in the U.S. I know that 100 watts can still work but very weak or burn off suddenly at some point of time. I did not know nor read this description or explanation on your website when I was shopping and purchasing one (actually I bought two!). That's when I felt very upset and disappointed. You cannot sell products that are not standardized to be used in the U.S. to U.S. customers. And it should have been described on your website. Japan is the only country in the world that uses 100 watts. I'm from Korea and have been in Japan before and traveled around the world. I'm very familiar with this and indeed feel misinformed and not treated fairly as a customer in distance. Completely lost the trust in your company, honestly. Thanks. MY"
Jennifer - 2021-04-05
"Great experience - this is my second purchase. Discover Mall Japan offers Japanese art supplies which are almost impossible to find elsewhere. The prices are too and shipping is fast. It’s a hidden gem. You could probably get more North American business by advertising more broadly. "
Marcel - 2021-03-23
"Hello, The product you were proposing was at an interesting price despite the shipping costs. However, at the delivery, I had to pay customs fees, which makes the product too expensive for a French customer. It's a pity because this Japanese product is of good quality."
Glen Dental - 2021-03-22
"very good, whole process was smooth, no issues at all. thank you"
Chen - 2021-03-09
"delivery very fast"
An - 2021-03-08
"Delivery fee was expensive. Otherwise good buying experience."
Ana Ginina - 2021-03-07
"It was quick and easy. I was a little nervous since I'd never used the site before, but it was straightforward enough. "
Alberto - 2021-03-06
"the delivery was fast."
Tai Seng - 2021-03-04
"Received in good condition. The picture used does not do justice, actual product is better. "
Sulaiman - 2021-03-02
"It was very convenient, very reliable and I received the right item that I ordered in a short time."
Konstantin - 2021-03-01
"Overall experience was fine, but the watch have the dig screen with white letters on top black background and it is unusable for me. Just can't see it. Would be better to see it in person, but not really your problem. Also, please notify customers from countries that does not have atomic radio signals that they can't use this feature."
Rory - 2021-02-26
"Overall experience was good. Although due to surprise import charges I will not likely be buying from here again."
Julia - 2021-02-21
"Easy and prompt delivery. "
Mark - 2021-02-17
"Not great. I bought this because it was estimated that it would arrive in 7 days. I bought it on 17 February and it arrived on 1 March. It took 3 or 4 days to get to FedEx, then it sat "in transit" in china for 4 days. If I knew that it would take this long I would have bought it in Europe and paid more."
Adelinde - 2021-02-15
"Excellent, very happy with product, communication and shipping time was good."
Mario - 2021-02-13
"Extremely happy...great communications, fast shipping"
Steven - 2021-01-31
"Very fast delivery, well packed. I'm very happy with my purchase here. Thank you"
Peter - 2021-01-24
"i was happy to get Kameda's Kaki no Tane"
Victor Manuel - 2020-12-21
"Nice. All the process worked smoothly, and I received the product even before I expected. Congratulations, you're great professionals."
Hannah - 2020-12-18
Gary - 2020-11-29
"Good - Thank you. Unfortunately freight from Japan is very expensive so I look forward when this cost decreases to allow for more shopping from Japan online."
YOSHIKAZU - 2020-11-12
"Very bad experience by your service. 1. Have error code in email from web always and goes to junk mail. Late to find the email. 2. Poor knowledge about shipping overseas. other EC always advice the necessity documents in advance and follow up with DHL or other transportation company correctly."
Alicia - 2020-10-31
"Excellent experience. Amazing product and fast delivery!!"
Chi Yu - 2020-10-27
"The whole buying process is smooth. However, if the website layout can be in more latest specification would be better"
Anton - 2020-10-24
"There was a slight confusion at the beginning with the tracking number. However, it was quickly resolved and my order arrived on time amidst covid restrictions. I was really happy with the service, thank you!! Anton"
Tuan Mohd - 2020-10-21
"I like japan set.. i need again limited "
Muhamad - 2020-10-11
"It was smooth."
Aaron - 2020-10-10
"Recieved product as advertised in a timely fashion. Website was easy to navigate. Overall a positive experience."
Jennifer - 2020-10-10
"Excellent. Fast processing and delivery arrangements. "
Mario - 2020-09-23
"Rally good. Fast and the date in spanish, also origami detail. Rally good Thanks"
Justin - 2020-09-16
"Okay. The price is not the cheapest. But I was looking for an online store with good feedback to feel more confident about buying. So far, okay. One of the button seems to have some corrosion on it? (light button). I have been cleaning it thinking it was a stain but it keeps coming back. This is a disappointment because you are very far away. Justin."
Humaid - 2020-09-15
Saurav - 2020-09-07
"Overall experience was okay. However, it could have been much better if I got the warranty card and valid paperworks. I am not sure if this watch was brand new or used. "
Carlo - 2020-08-22
"very good experience. "
STACY - 2020-07-09
"Very easy and much faster than I thought it would be. The pencils arrived packaged extremely well and nothing was damaged. I would be willing to order from your site again and have recommended it to friends. "
Rosalind - 2020-07-03
"Very good. Easy to use website and shipping was very quick. Would definitely recommend and would come back to purchase other items"
Marcia - 2020-06-18
"Went smoothly. No problems. "
Lawrence - 2020-06-14
"Very satisfactory indeed. The order was put thru without hassle. More importantly, delivery was sooner than expected especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Well done and thank you."
Robert - 2020-06-09
"Profesjonalizm i miła obsługa"
Shebin - 2020-06-02
"The product was genuine & was as advertised & arrived one day prior to proposed delivery date to the US. Only one successful transaction until now. Would love to buy more genuine Japanese made products from the mall in the near future like smartphones, laptops. etc. The staff members were truly professional and courteous. Thank you for a good shopping experience. Keep it up and God bless "
Jeannine - 2020-05-30
"Smooth transaction! The clear pricing information, given how complicated international purchases are, gave me confidence to complete the purchase. Super fast shipping, well packed, and the product was just as described. I may have missed out on the after purchase info page, because it went away in the moment after I checked something else. I saw a glimpse of what must have been good advice, but I cannot recall the page. I hope there wasn't anything important on there. Thank you for building my confidence with international purchasing with this good experience. :)"
Abdulbaset - 2020-05-08
Daniel - 2020-04-14
"The item arrived quickly and exactly as advertised. I am extremely happy with my purchase."
Jeff - 2020-04-09
"not so good. After two weeks, 14 days, I haven't received order yet, and there is no tracking info in US."
AZEMAN - 2020-04-08
"Satisfied but have yet to receive the item"
Jeffrey - 2020-04-06
"Have not received the item, almost three weeks and nothing."