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Set contents: body, box, instruction manual, warranty card attached to the instruction manual
Reinforced waterproof for everyday life: 20 BAR
Country of origin: Japan
6 radio stations equipped with Bluetooth (Japan x 2, North America, UK, Germany, China) compatible radio solar
Shock resistant structure that is resistant to shock and vibration
Vibration function to notify you of incoming alarms and messages by vibration
Battery charge warning function to warn you when the battery level is low
This time, based on the stainless steel case band GMW-B5000D, a special finish using laser engraving after IP processing is used to express the Grid Tunnel.
The concept of the 5000 series, which has continued to evolve without changing its shape since its birth in 1983, is expressed as a whole watch by overlaying it on the image of "Time Flow from Past to Future"
of Grid Tunnel.
Introducing the GMW-B5000, which has achieved a new evolution with advanced processing technology.

・ Shock resistant structure
・ Tough solar (solar charging system)
・ 20 ATM water resistant function
・ Radio reception function: Automatic reception (up to 6 times / day) (Chinese radio waves up to 5 times / day) / manual reception, supported area: Japan / North America / Europe / China * City that can receive home time setting If set, you will receive stations tailored to the city
The time difference will be set according to the selected city.

・ Mobile link function (function interlocking with Bluetooth® communication with compatible mobile phones)
・ 5 world time: 39 cities in the world (39 time zones, daylight saving time automatic setting function) + UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time display, home time city replacement function
・ Stopwatch (1/100 seconds (less than 1 hour) / 1 second (1 hour or more), 24 hours total, with split)
・ Timer (set unit: 1 second, maximum set: 24 hours, measured in 1 second units)
・ 5 time alarms (only one has snooze function)
・ Time signal
・ Battery charge warning function
・ Power saving function (in a dark place, the display disappears after a certain period of time to save power)
・ Fully automatic calendar
・ 12/24 hour display switching
・ Operation sound ON / OFF switching function
・ Date display (month / day display replacement)
・ Day of the week display (6 languages: English, West, French, German, Italian, Russian)
・ LED backlight (with full auto light, super illuminator, fade-in / fade-out, afterglow function, afterglow time switching (2 seconds / 4 seconds))
・ Driving time from full charge to without solar power generation: When using the function / About 10 months, In the power saving state / About 22 months * If radio waves are not received or if you do not cooperate with the smartphone, Operates with normal quartz precision (average monthly difference ± 15 seconds)
* GMW-B5000CS is certified by the Japanese Radio Law.
GSHOCK that has built up a new concept of toughness in brand introduction watches
It all started with a reckless challenge that overturned the common sense of the time and the developer's passionate belief in creating a watch that would not break even if dropped.
Over 200 prototypes have been repeated, and after spending about two years, a shock-resistant structure was completed.
It is the birth of technology that plays a central role in toughness
Since then, GSHOCK has continued to evolve
Structure, material, function
Pursuing toughness from every aspect

Model Number: GMW-B5000CS-1JR

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