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Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card are attached to the instruction manual
Waterproof specification: 20 ATM water resistant function
Radio solar for 6 stations (Japan x 2, North America, UK, Germany, China)
Impact resistant structure that is resistant to shock and vibration
Hand retract function that temporarily retracts the hour and minute hands that overlap the liquid crystal display to make it easier to read the displayed data.
From the toughness watch G-SHOCK, which has continued to evolve in search of insatiable strength since its launch in 1983, the AWG-M520 series, which has been reprinted by adding new functions to the famous machines of the past, has appeared.
Born in 1989 as G-SHOCK's first analog / digital combination model, the AW-500 overturned the preconceived notion that analog watches are vulnerable to shocks because they have many small parts such as hands and gears.
Equipped with radio wave reception function and tough solar while keeping the round case design and simple band shape without unevenness
The lineup includes three models, the AWG-M520 that faithfully reproduces the original design, the AWG-M520BB finished in all black, and the AWG-M520G with pink gold in black, and the masterpiece of G-SHOCK functions. Evolve and play a revival

・ Impact resistant structure
・ Tough solar (solar charging system)
・ 20 ATM water resistant function
・ Radio reception function: Automatic reception (up to 6 times / day) (China radio waves up to 5 times / day) / Manual reception, <Japan> Received radio waves: JJY, frequency: 40kHz / 60kHz (models compatible with both Fukushima and Kyushu stations) <North America region> Received radio wave: WWVB, frequency: 60kHz <Europe region> Received radio wave: MSF / DCF77, frequency: 60kHz / 77.5kHz <China> Received radio wave: BPC, frequency: 68.5kHz * Cities that can receive home time settings If set to, the station will be received according to the city.
The time difference is set according to the selected city.

・ Needle retract function (If the needle overlaps with the liquid crystal display and is difficult to see, the needle can be temporarily retracted from above the liquid crystal display)
・ World time: 48 cities around the world (31 time zones, with daylight saving time setting function) + UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time display, home time city replacement function
・ Stopwatch (1/100 second, 60 minutes total, with split)
・ Timer (set unit: 1 second, maximum set: 100 minutes, measured in 1 second units)
・ 5 time alarms (with countdown function)
・ Time signal
・ Battery indicator display
・ Power saving function (In a dark place, the display is turned off after a certain period of time and the hand movement is stopped to save power)
・ Fully automatic calendar
・ 12/24 hour display switching
・ Operation sound ON / OFF switching function
-Double LED light: LED light for dial (full auto light, super illuminator, afterglow function, with afterglow time switching (1.5 seconds / 3 seconds)), LED backlight for LCD part (full auto light, super illuminator, Afterglow function, with afterglow time switching (1.5 seconds / 3 seconds))
・ Driving time without solar power generation from full charge: When using function / approx. 11 months, when using power saving / approx. 28 months * If radio wave reception is not performed, normal quartz accuracy (average month) Operates with a difference of ± 15 seconds)

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