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★★★★★ Wonderful Sturdy Box
Post date : Wednesday, Aug 17 2022

This is a very large mixing palette, but ideal for your bigger pictures and larger brushes. Lightweight and easy to carry. Love that it is SO easy to clean as it is coated. Makes cleaning easy and less hassle. Highly recommend. 1 of 0 people found the following review helpful

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     Description (218 characters)

[Watercolor palette] Size (mm): W350 x D300 Body: Aluminum paint finish, 35 partitions

*This product is redesigned. No thumb hole for the redesigned product.


Black  White  Paint  Metallic color  Palette  Watercolor painting  Holbein Art Materials  Holbein Artists Watercolor  パレット・絵皿  Mijello  Van Gogh Pocket Box Set  

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Watercolor palette No.200 4938331210354

[Watercolor palette] Size (mm): W350 x D300 Body: Aluminum paint finish, 35 partitions

*This product is redesigned. No thumb hole for the redesigned product.

4938331210354 Out Of Stock
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