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G-SHOCK Slowback 1990s Carbon core guard structure GA-2100TH-1AJF Men's

G-SHOCK Slowback 1990s Carbon core guard structure GA-2100TH-1AJF Men's

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★★★★★ Christmas color GA-2100.
Post date : Thursday, Aug 29 2019

Google Translation Translated by Google Christmas color GA-2100.
I couldn't purchase GA-2100-1AJF, which was released in August of this year, so I decided to purchase it as the Christmas color GA-2100TH-1AJF was released this month. As the first impression, I thought it was very light. It looks like 51g when you check the specs, it is slightly lighter than GW-M5600-1JF. Also, the thickness seems to be 11.8mm, and it is clear that it is clearly thinner than GW-M5600-1JF. The dial design is made of green, red, and gold, but it's not as flashy as I thought. Since the four operation buttons are gold, is the buckle gold? I thought, but the real thing was made of black plastic. On the back side, “THAILAND” was written. It seems that it can be easily removed and maintained with a slide lever type band. On the back cover of the model with tough solar, you can see the approximate date of manufacture with 8-digit numbers such as `` 202A232J '' and alphabetic character strings, but this product has a stamp `` 98E1MA '' What does it mean? I couldn't guess. Before using it for the first time, we corrected the position of the hands so that the digital and analog times matched. It seems that there are two button batteries SR726W. For me, the digital part is easy to see with the positive liquid crystal, and the feeling of attaching the band is the same as or slightly better than the GW-M5600-1JF on hand. Luminous paint is attached to the hour and minute hands, but is not attached to the golden part from 1 to 12 o'clock. The backlight had a light source between 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock, and the liquid crystal part was also shining. The price is a level that digital radio solar can be purchased as a domestic regular product, so it is a little expensive as a digital model, but I want to use it carefully because it can be used easily.
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