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Japanese Matcha

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26/05/2017 / Administrator
Take Your Sex Life to the Max with Matcha Green Tea

Tea processing scenery

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Our Organic Tea Garden

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Green tea is credited with offering many benefits and a lot of them are proven, but did you know green tea can also improve your sex life?

It might sound crazy, but it’s true and, when it comes to putting extra lead in your pencil, one particular kind of green tea offers stiff competition. It’s called Matcha. It’s the kind of tea that is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and part of its secret lies in the way it is prepared. (more…)

17/01/2017 / Administrator

“I want to know which tea works best for weight loss!” “Can I lose weight by drinking tea?” “I often hear tea is good for weight loss, but does it really work?”

There are many questions when it comes to the relation between weight loss and tea.There are many ingredients in a tea. The ingredients and its effects vary by each tea. (more…)