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Hello !
I’m sales at Discovery Japan Mall. Today, We will start a newsletter.

In this newsletter, We will compare prices between Amazon US, 天猫(Tmall) and eBay, where Japanese products are mainly sold.

If Discovery Japan price is cheaper than these websites, We will introduce it in this newsletter.
Newsletter is published weekly. You can cancel at any time, but you may miss out on profitable information.


Hair Dryer / 吹风机

Hair dryer nano care
JPY 18,000 Yen + Shipping fee

eBay USD $198 JPY 22,502
Amazon US USD $197.5 JPY 22,445
天猫 Tmall RMB ¥1999 JPY 33,261


Shipping Fee from JAPAN
Asia: 1680Yen, Total: 19,680Yen
Oceania,USA: 2,360Yen, Total: 20,360Yen


Shaving / 刮

Lamdash Men’s Shaver 5-blade blue tone ES-LV7A-A
JPY 28,000 Yen + Shipping fee

eBay USD $326.91 JPY 37,524
Amazon US USD $268.30 JPY 30,492


Shipping Fee from JAPAN
Asia: 1,680Yen, Total: 29,680Yen
Oceania,USA: 2,360Yen, Total:30,360Yen
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“I want to know which tea works best for weight loss!” “Can I lose weight by drinking tea?” “I often hear tea is good for weight loss, but does it really work?”

There are many questions when it comes to the relation between weight loss and tea.There are many ingredients in a tea. The ingredients and its effects vary by each tea. (さらに…)

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Nara – the Forgotten Capital of Japan

When planning their trip to Japan, most people include Tokyo and Kyoto on their itinerary under the assumption that they will be covering the ever-fascinating contrast between new and old in Japan. While Tokyo is, indeed, a skyscraper jungle punctuated by odd little shops springing out from here and there, a heaven for techies who aspire to nothing more than getting lost in the streets of Akihabara, where all sorts of hi-tech toys, manga and anime characters compete for attention, Kyoto is often seen as a remnant of the “old ways” with its magnificent and abundant temples, cozy restaurants and kimono shops. (さらに…)

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Kawaii is Japanese for Cute

If you’ve played Pokemon Go or bought a Hello Kitty handbag, you’ll have experienced kawaii (pronounced ‘ka -why’) first hand. Kawaii means Parte’ in Japanese, but it’s a shorthand expression for a whole cultural phenomenon.

While kawaii started as a fashion craze for 14- to 18-year-old women, it has now spread to Japanese society at large. Police boxes are now decorated with cute mascots, and construct on sites are sometimes guarded by bright pink railings, there’s even a special cute mascot who urges you to file your tax form online. (さらに…)

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Top-Rated G-Shock Watches from Discovery Japan

Whatever kind of watch you need, Discovery Japan has exclusive inventory ready to ship. We offer the entire line of made-in-Japan, for the Japanese domestic market only, G-Shock watches, Discovery Japan’s lineup of classics is in high demand worldwide.

Buyers in the U.S., Canada, Europe and elsewhere who want authentic G-Shock watches, cheap G-Shock watches, or even durable G-Shock watches will find something to satisfy their cravings in our catalogue. (さらに…)

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Our New Year’s holiday schedule will be as follows:

  • Dec 27 ~ Jan 4 : Holiday

– Your order will be shipped before the holiday if the products arrive at our warehouse from each vendor by the morning of December 26th.
– We will start responding inquires when we return on January 5.

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Ten Creative Games and Activities for a Pokémon-Themed Party

Pokemon(C)Nintendo・Creatures・GAME FREAK・TV Tokyo・ShoPro・JR Kikaku (C)Pokemon (C)2015 ピカチュウプロジェクト

With video games, card games, television shows, merchandise, and over 700 creatures and counting, Pokémon is a phenomenon that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If your child loves Pokémon, throw them an awesome themed party with these easy and inexpensive party games and activities. (さらに…)

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Collecting Hello Kitty for Fun, and Occasionally, Profit

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty, created by the Sanrio company in 1974, has become one of the most popular and recognizable icons in the world. Sanrio celebrated 40 years of Kittydom in 2014, and she shows no sign of slowing down or going out of favor. In fact, she is one of the most collectable items in the world. A vintage lunchbox set from the 70s can fetch hundreds of dollars, from fans and non-fan collectors alike.

From a decorative stationery item to a full fledged character with a back story and a TV series, the former Miss Kitty White has also become a symbol of wealth and bling. She has been cast in platinum, covered in Swarovski crystals and turned into a cute robot, all at tremendous expense. In fact, Hello Kitty is the epitome of cuteness, or Kawaii, as it is known in Japan. (さらに…)

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high quality Japanese products

Made in Japan products are trusted by overseas customers. The high quality and safety of products made in Japan may be why Japanese hands are thought of as being dexterous and polite. Among products made in Japan, some that find their way to unexpected, even surprising places. In a survey of Japanese people, they were asked what they think is most amazing among products made in Japan. Here are some answers. (さらに…)

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Phakchi Craze in Japan: More Coriander, Please!

The herb is called coriander, cilantro or Chinese parsley according to Wikipedia. Coriander is native to regions spanning from southern Europe and North Africa to Southeastern Asia. The unique herb is probably familiar to your country. It has been getting very popular in Japan as well these past ten years. Actually, it was forgotten for centuries. Coriander was first described in a book entitled “Engishiki” in 927, which is a Japanese book about laws and customs. However because of its strong and distinctive flavor, the herb did not go well with Japanese food and the people did not like it. And there are some books that describes it was used as a medicine in Edo period (from 1603 to 1808). After World War II, coriander was first distributed in the market in the late 1970s. And again it did not sell at all. But as international cuisines became popular in Japan, the Japanese people finally realized how good it tastes. The herb is called the Thai term “Phakchi (pak chee)” in Japan. They say phakchi is a herb people either love it or hate it. There are many phakchi lovers and haters and we sometimes argue about it (in a funny and humorous way though) when drinking. Phakchi lovers describes themselves as “Phakchist (パクチスト)”, the coined word from ‘phakchi’ and the suffix ‘-ist’. Surprisingly, there are more than 70,000 results on “Pakchist” in Japanese when you google the term. Now we have restaurants in Japan that specialize in phakchi. We will show you some of the restaurants today. Ok, let’s start!


Photo: Discovery Japan


Paxi House Tokyo [Tokyo]


Photo: facebook

Pax House Tokyo was opened in 2007, this is the first restaurant in the world for coriander specialized. Each every dish contains coriander, even in sweets. And they have a unique rule when you want additional coriander; say aloud “Tsui Paku!”. The louder you say it, the more coriander staff bring to your table. Yell out if you want lots! And another unique thing about the restaurant is that they encourage customers to interact with other customers by sharing a table. So do not worry if you have to dine out alone, you will easily be able to make coriander friends there.


Photo: facebook

paxi house tokyo
paxi house tokyo facebook page

Cilantro Yoyogi Uehara Bal [Tokyo]

Cilantro is a Spanish bal-style restaurant with Latin-inspired dishes. Their green paella with small red snapper and cilantro paste is a popular dish (two days advance reservation required for the paella). Not every dish has coriander in it but many dishes comes with cilantro, as its restaurant name. They have started buffet lunch on every weekend. 90 minutes for 1,800 yen (without tax) with more than 15 kinds of foods; cilantro salad, bread, paella, meat dish, sweets and soft drinks.


Photo: facebook

Cilantro Yoyogi Uehara Bal
Cilantro facebook page

Soi Roppongi Thai Restaurant [Tokyo]

Soi Roppongi is a stylish restaurant in a stylish area Roppongi, Tokyo. The food is fusion style of Thai and European so give it a try if you are interested in something new. Good place for a romantic dinner.


Photo: facebook


Photo: facebook

Soi Roppongi
Soi Roppongi facebook page

Go Go Phakchi [Osaka]

Go Go Phakchi is the first coriander specialized restaurant in Osaka. The staff bring a glass of water and a glass full of coriander for you when you take a seat at a table first. The coriander is organic and all you can eat for free of charge! Located in a business area and many office workers who love coriander dine at the restaurant for lunch and dinner. Osakan people are said to be humorous and the owner has started to sell coriander bath infusion. Have you ever wondered a bath with coriander?? The bag contains 4g of dried coriander (equals to 100g of raw coriander) and you can enjoy phakchi scent from head to toe!


Photo: Go Go Phakchi website


Photo: Go Go Phakchi website

Go Go Phakchi
Go Go Phakchi facebook page

Thailand Yatai 999 (Khao Khao Khao) [Tokyo]

If you want to eat heaps of coriander, Thailand Yatai 999 is the perfect place. Pakchist call it Phakchi Heaven. Located near Nakano Station in Tokyo, their famous dish is “Legendary Phakchi Hot Pot”, which is pork shabu-shabu (thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water) with mountain-shaped coriander on top. The weight of coriander is 1kg! That’s a lot but in case you want more, you can order additional coriander for 500 yen. You need an advance reservation for the special hot pot (only 2 tables accepted per night). The owner is a Thai food geek the top chef learned Thai dishes in Thailand so you can enjoy other Thai foods here as well.


Photo: facebook

Thailand Yatai 999
Thailand Yatai 999 facebook page

Check out these restaurants if you have a craving for coriander in Japan!

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