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Set contents: body, box, instruction manual, warranty card attached to the instruction manual
Reinforced waterproof for everyday life: 20 BAR
Shock resistant structure that is resistant to shock and vibration
Get current location information from GPS satellites
GPS function that can measure moving distance, pace, etc.
Equipped with an optical sensor that radiates LED light to sense the blood flow in the body and measure the heart rate

High-definition and high-contrast display of various measurement data for easy viewing
MIP LCD that allows you to customize the display items during training to make them easy to use

Product introduction G-SHOCK sports line "G-SQUAD (Gee Squad)", heart rate monitor + GPS function equipped model appeared
As a function useful for workouts, in addition to an optical sensor that can measure heart rate, an acceleration sensor that can measure the number of steps and a direction, altitude / atmospheric pressure, temperature sensor are installed
Five types of sensors measure the activity status during a workout in real time
In addition, the location information of the current location is acquired from GPS satellites.
Enables measurement of mileage, speed, pace, etc.
Corresponding to the measurement of VO2max, which is the standard of cardiopulmonary ability, from the measured values such as heart rate and running speed
It can be used as an index for strengthening endurance such as running
In addition, we have newly developed a dedicated application that is useful for managing various settings of the clock and training.
You can check the current fitness level, training progress, etc., and you can automatically create a training plan that matches the set goals
For data analysis including VO2max, we use FIRSTBEAT's library, which is well-established in sports science.
More accurate algorithms support high quality training
The exterior design uses a curved back cover that reduces interference with the back of the hand, a soft urethane band with a good fit, a two-color molded button with excellent operability, and a high-definition MIP LCD with high visibility.
We also pursued practicality by supporting USB charging and solar charging and enabling daily use (clock function, step counting, notification function) by solar drive.
Toughness unique to G-SHOCK and various functions useful for workouts
The birth of a new evolution of G-SQUAD

・ Optical sensor (heart rate monitor) that measures on the wrist
・ Various data analysis functions such as VO2max measurement and training status
・ USB charging + solar assist charging
・ Supports automatic time adjustment by Bluetooth ?, GPS satellite radio reception
・ Steps, heading, altitude / atmosphere, temperature measurement function Training management function (training analysis, history, plan) by MIP LCD that displays notifications in high definition and a dedicated smartphone application
-GPS function that captures movements while driving-Vibration function that notifies you of alerts and emails received during training-High-luminance full-auto LED light (super illuminator)
・ Shock resistant structure (shock resist), water resistant to 20 atmospheres
・ Time correction: GPS satellite radio reception: automatic reception (when mobile link function is not used>
time reception, maximum 1 time / day), manual reception (position reception, time reception) ), Bluetooth ?: Automatically correct time by connecting to a smartphone
・ World time: 38 cities in the world (38 time zones *, with automatic summer time setting function) + UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time display * Updated by connecting to a mobile phone May be

・ Stopwatch: 1 second, 100 hours total, with split
・ Time alarm: 4 with snooze function
・ Battery indicator display
・ Power saving function
・ Full automatic calendar
・ 12/24 hour display switching
・ Operation sound ON / OFF Switching function
・ Vibration function
・ In-flight mode
・ Light: LED backlight, full auto light, super illuminator, afterglow function, afterglow time switching (1.5 seconds / 3 seconds)
・ Charging method
・ Time
・ Solar power (solar charging system) , Time mode (including step counting and notification function) can be supported only by solar charging *
* If you charge it indoors under fluorescent light (500 lux) for about 8 hours every day, and at the window (10000 lux) on a sunny day for 2 hours in a week
・ Charging system using a dedicated charging cable (device with USB terminal (Type-A) is required), time required for full charging: Max.2.5 hours
・ Battery duration * Varies depending on usage environment * No solar power generation・ Time mode (including step count and notification function) / About 12 months
・ Time mode + heart rate measurement function / About 66 hours (including power saving function and heart rate sleep state) Mobile link function (function by Bluetooth communication with compatible mobile phone) (Interlocking)
・ Simple clock setting
・ World time city setting (about 300 cities), home time / world time display replacement, timer setting, time alarm setting, operation sound ON / OFF setting, vibration setting
・ Notification function: incoming call, mail reception, SNS Notification of new arrivals, calendar notifications, reminder notifications, data update function: time zone, daylight saving time rule data updateSensor: optical sensor (heart rate meter), acceleration (pedometer), magnetism (direction meter), pressure (altimeter / barometer) Meter), temperature (thermometer)
・ Azimuth measurement: Measurement range: 0 ° to 359 °, 16 azimuth display, 60 seconds continuous measurement function, automatic horizontal correction function, azimuth correction function (3 point correction, figure 8 correction), magnetic declination correction function, altitude measurement (Relative altimeter): Measurement range: -700 m to 10,000 m, measurement unit: 1 m, measurement interval: 2 minutes / 5 seconds, altitude correction function (reference altitude setting function), altitude difference measurement function: -3,000 m to + 3,000m, altitude trend graph, barometric pressure measurement: measurement range: 260hPa ~ 1,100hPa, measurement unit: 1hPa, constant barometric pressure measurement (every 2 hours), barometric pressure correction function, barometric pressure trend graph, barometric pressure trend information function, measuring range: -10.0 ° C to 60.0 ° C, measurement unit: 0.1 ° C, temperature correction function
・ Positioning function: GPS, GLONASS, Michibiki compatible
・ Wrist-type heart rate measurement function: Maximum measurement value: 220 bpm, heart rate, target heart rate setting function, Heart rate zone graphic display, heart rate transition graph, maximum heart rate / minimum heart rate, training measurement, distance by GPS or accelerometer Calculate and display speed, pace, etc.
GPS reception interval NORMAL: Every 1 second, LONG: Every 1 minute-Automatic / manual lap function, auto pause function, automatic running measurement start function, arrival notification alert setting function (time, altitude, calorie consumption), training display customization function- Training analysis: Training status, fitness level tendency, training load tendency, VO2max, recovery time, training log, maximum 100 runs, lap data up to 140 each
・ Measuring time, distance, pace, calories burned, heart rate, maximum heartbeat Number, aerobic training effect, anaerobic training effect
・ Timer: Timer for interval measurement that can set up to 5 times, set unit: 1 second, maximum set: 60 minutes, measurement in 1 second units, auto repeat, auto Start / Training Plan Creation (App): To maintain and improve athletic ability Plan, set plan with target date and target time-Training function settings (App): Arrival notification alert settings, advanced navigation settings-Training log data management (App): Training log data, lap data management, training analysis results Display / Battery duration * Varies depending on usage environment * No solar power generation State: Training mode (GPS continuous measurement) + Heart rate measurement function: Up to about 14 hours / Training mode (GPS intermittent measurement) + Heart rate measurement function: Up to about 18 Time and step count measurement: Step count measurement with a 3-axis acceleration sensor
Step display range: 0-99,999 steps, step reset: Automatically reset at 0 o'clock every day, step accuracy: ± 3% (by vibration tester)
・ Heart rate measurement: minimum / maximum heart rate, heart rate graph display (when heart rate measurement is always ON)
Calorie consumption display (App): Calculate the calorie consumption from the measured number of steps and display it in the app * Calculate calorie consumption during training measurement from the heart rate * Heart rate meter is measured by a sensor built in the back (back pig) of this unit Displays the estimated heart rate based on the measured pulse
The heart rate data displayed by this unit is for reference only, and its accuracy is not guaranteed.
* The heart rate measurement function of this unit is intended for recreational purposes and cannot be used for any medical purposes.
* If the GPS signal is not received or if it does not cooperate with the smartphone, it will operate with normal quartz accuracy (average monthly difference ± 15 seconds).
* An altimeter is a relative altimeter that converts atmospheric pressure changes into altitude.
When the atmospheric pressure changes due to weather conditions, the altitude of the measured value also changes.
* When measuring the outside air temperature, remove the watch from your wrist to avoid being affected by body temperature, sweat (water droplets), direct sunlight, etc. I am

・ Supported mobile phones (as of January 2020)
・ IOS: iOS 10 or above
・ Android: Android 6.0 or above * Only for devices with Bluetooth
* A dedicated app must be installed to establish a communication connection with a smartphone.
Compatible with our designated iPhone and Android smartphones
GSHOCK that has built up a new concept of toughness in brand introduction watches
It all started with a reckless challenge that overturned the common sense of the time and the developer's passionate belief in creating a watch that would not break even if dropped.
Over 200 prototypes have been repeated, and after spending about two years, a shock-resistant structure was completed.
It is the birth of technology that plays a central role in toughness
Since then, GSHOCK has continued to evolve
Structure, material, function
Pursuing toughness from every aspect

Model Number: GBD-H1000-8JR


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