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System unit size: Width 64 * height 157 * 43mm in depth
Body weight: 0.165 kg
Main material: ABS
A country of origin: Body = Japan, charge stands, AC adapter = China
Power supply: Charging / AC rapid 1 hour charging
Power consumption: About 9W (when using AC type)
Accessories: Pouch, oil, cleaning brush
Charging system: Charging stand, AC adapter charging
Indication: 5 levels of remaining charge display
Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC (with automatic voltage switching)
Product description
・ Basic type that can shave deeply
・ Realizes skin-friendly shave
・ Linear motor high-speed drive to shave without losing the beard
・ Power supply method: Charge / AC dual use
・ Charger function: Charge only
・ Number of blades: 3 ・Applicable blade: Stainless steel blade steel 3 blades (outer blade: ES9087, inner blade: ES9068, set replacement blade: ES9013)
・ Body dimensions (H x W x D): 157mm x 64mm x 43mm
・ Body weight: 165 g
・ Exterior dimensions (H x W x D): 200mm x 144mm x 69mm
・ Exterior weight: 542g
・ Accessories: porch, oil, brush for cleaning ※ It becomes specification at the time of maker announcement

High speed drive of linear motor that catches mustache captured by ram dash technology that realizes deep shaving than Amazon Direct drive of inner blade directly by linear motor developed exclusively for shaver by Panasonic

High-speed drive of about 13,000 strokes per minute, so that you can not miss the mustache

30 °
acute-angled nano-edge inner blade that sharply shave even hard mustaches The cutting edge angle of the inner blade for cutting mustaches is sharpened to 30 °

By driving the inner blade sharpened to the nano level at high speed with a linear motor, hard beards can be cut quickly

A multi-fit arc blade that fits perfectly on the skin and doesn't miss a shave. The rounded blade surface fits perfectly on the skin.

You can shave at every point where the blade hits

Omnidirectional float head that shave under the jaw smoothly The head moves up, down, left and right, and follows irregularities on the skin

Reduces unshaved residue and enables skin-friendly shaving

* In order to maintain a comfortable shaving taste, it is recommended that you replace the blade regularly

With a charging stand With a charging stand that stands up and can be placed neatly (* 1) * 1: A cleaning charger cannot be used

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Model Number: ES-LT52-S

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