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System unit size: Height 15.5 X width 6.5 X 5cm in depth
Power consumption: About 6W (at the time of charge)
Accessories: Shaver holder, special oil, cleaning brush
"Linear motor"
drive that does not reduce power even in bath shaving
Body weight (kg): 0.145
Color name: Black | Pattern name (kind): Product introduction Bath shaving is a linear shaver. Power does not drop even after bath shaving. * 1 "Linear motor"
A bath that uses foam and gel that places a load on the drive motor. Power does not fall even if we continue using by shaving ※ 1. Approximately 13,000 strokes / minute drive speed, high power and shave even with dry shave
・ Bath-friendly with foam `` Bubble making mode ''
Easily and quickly create foam that is gentle on skin and easy to shave
・ High precision With the new "whisker sensor,"
the mustache is detected with high precision in powerful shaving, and it responds about 1.8 times * 2 faster. Powerful in areas with dark mustaches and power saves in areas with light beards, so you can shave without putting extra strain on your skin. Comparison with our 2014 release ES-RL13. Our investigation. * 2Comparison with our 2018 ES-ST2Q (based on our research and based on our own standards). Attention (Disclaimer)>
Please read [Inquiries regarding repair of Panasonic products] Panasonic Repair Consultation Service TEL: 0120-878-554 Reception hours: 9: 00-19: 00 (Sunday, holidays and New Year holidays 9:00) ~ 17: 30) Search by `` Panasonic Repair ''
from the Internet
Model Number: ES-ST2R-K

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Made In Japan Model

Made In Japan Model

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