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System unit size: Height 22.8 * width 21.4 * 9.2cm in depth
Power supply: AC100V 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 1.2KW
Accessories: Set nozzle
Hot air temperature: 125 ° C (hot / dry / room temperature 30 ° C), 60 ° C (scalp mode / room temperature 30 ° C)
Body weight (kg): 0.57499999999999996
Color: Rouge Pink Product Introduction Mineral negative ion generation amount about twice
* 1 Advanced NanoEye & Double Mineral * 2 Improves hair effect
* 1 Approximately double the amount of mineral negative ions that increase the adhesion of cuticles.
Tighten cuticles to tighten and enhance the effect on hair
* 1 UV care effect about 1.8 times * 3 evolved
For hair resistant to UV rays and friction damage
Evolved "NanoE"
& Double Mineral * 2 penetrates hair, enhances cuticle adhesion, is more resistant to UV rays, and reduces damage from brushing and other friction
Equipped with 5 modes that can be healthy and beautiful care from scalp to hair tip and skin
[On the hair] [Collective hair tip care mode] For beautiful hair moisturized up to the tip of the hair [Hot and cool rhythm mode] For straight and curly hair from the inside of the hair [Intelligent hot air mode] Reduces feeling and dries comfortably [on skin] [Scalp mode] Dry with temperature-friendly wind [on skin] [skin mode] Keeps skin moist and moist skin * 4 * 1 Our conventional product released in 2017 EH -NA99 ratio * 2 Double minerals are mineral negative ions generated from two zinc electrodes
* 3 Comparison of the friction coefficient increase suppression value of 16.9% with EH-NA99 released in 2017 with our conventional product, EH-NA9A, and the friction coefficient increase suppression value of 31.2% with EH-NA9A. Attention (disclaimer) to keep moisture>
Be sure to read [Inquiry about repair of Panasonic products] Panasonic repair consultation counter TEL: 0120-878-554 Reception hours: 9: 00-19: 00 (Sundays and holidays and year-end (New Year 9: 00 ~ 17: 30) Search by `` Panasonic Repair ''
from the Internet
Model Number: EH-CNA9A-RP

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Made In Japan Model

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