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System unit size: Height 21.7 X width 15.7 X 7.9cm in depth
Power supply: AC100V 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 1.2KW
Accessories: Quick-dry nozzle
Hot air temperature: Approx. 110 ° C (at turbo / room temperature 30 ° C)
System unit weight (kg): Approximately 475 g (we do not include quick-dry nozzle)
Power cord length: about 1.7m
Made in Thailand
Safety precautions:
-When using, please use the outlet with a rating of 15 A or more by itself (for power consumption of 1000 W or more) ⇒ If you do not use it alone, it may cause a fire or electric shock.
Color: Brown | Pattern: Dryer product introduction "NanoE"
smoothes hair swelling for smooth finger passage and moisture. The hair bundle is loosened with a quick-drying nozzle and dried quickly. Fine "nanoe"
penetrates into hair and regulates hair moisture balance and suppresses undulation. Gives moisture, reduces dryness that causes scalp stress, and maintains a healthy scalp. Furthermore, we dry hair quickly beautifully with attached quick-dry nozzle. Compact size that is light and easy to use. Powerful dry with air volume of 1.3? / Min * 1 even though the body is small. Hair dryer The lightest in nano care, recommended for those who are concerned about the weight. Uses highly receptive NEW color. * 1 Attention when nozzle is not installed (Disclaimer)>
Please read [Inquiry about repair of Panasonic products] Panasonic repair consultation window TEL: 0120-878-554 Reception hours: 9: 00-19: 00 (Sun) (Holidays and New Year holidays 9: 00-17: 30) Search for "Panasonic Repair"
from the Internet
Model Number: EH-NA2A-T

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Made In Japan Model

Made In Japan Model

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