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"Around the ear & natural attachment"
that can easily cut around the ear
"Water through cleaning"
for easy and clean lint cleaning
Clean, stylish design
System unit dimensions: Height 17.8 * width 4.5 * 3.8cm in depth
Accessories: oil, brush for cleaning, case, technique book Style name: Product introduction "Ear circumference cut"
and "fleece care"
are easy. Anyone can easily cut around the ear "Ear circumference & natural attachment * 1"
"Easy & natural cut around difficult ears
Just brush your hair for a natural, light volume
◆ Slide Attachment Just slide the attachment and choose the length to get the hair style you want
・ 50-70mm / 3-stage switch
◆ For adjusting the amount of hair and blurring the step on the surface of ski cutting attachment
Give lightness to hair tips and outlines
◆ Cut height Attachment round cut and suseo finish at your preferred length
◆ Easy & clean, easy to clean lint, without removing the blade "Water through cleaning"
Just slide the water through shutter and wash without removing the blade
Cleans lint without any hassle
◆ Beautiful finish with sharp 45 ° acute angle blade The movable blade tip is 45 ° acute angle blade, so sharp and beautiful finish
◆ Convenient rechargeable and AC type, easy to cut anywhere you like ◆ Washing OK ※ 2 ※ 1 When setting to “ear circumference”, the approximate length of hair that can be cut is 20-40 mm
* 2 Excluding AC adapter
In the AC type, please do not wash in water or use in the bath / shower room
Attention (Disclaimer)>
Please read [Inquiries regarding repair of Panasonic products] Panasonic Repair Consultation Service TEL: 0120-878-554 Reception hours: 9: 00-19: 00 (Sunday, holidays and New Year holidays 9:00) ~ 17: 30) Search by `` Panasonic Repair ''
from the Internet
Model Number: ER-GF80-S

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