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Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card are included in the instruction manual
Reinforced waterproof for daily life: 10BAR
Country of origin: Japan
Mobile link function that can be linked by Bluetooth communication with compatible smartphones
Dual time product introduction that can set two types of time The second of the "Honda Racing"
collaboration model will appear from EDIFICE, which continues to evolve as an advanced high-performance metal chronograph
Honda Racing, which supplies the power unit of the F1 team Scuderia Toro Rosso, and EDIFICE, which supports the team, both continue to transmit the spirit of motor sports and the spirit of challenge to the world as a brand originating in Japan.
This collaboration model was developed in collaboration with HRD Sakura, a research institute that develops technology for Honda's four-wheeled motor sports.
EQB-1000HRS bezel uses the first “titanium aluminide” in EDIFICE
The same material as the engine valve, which is one of the most important parts of the Honda F1 power unit.
It is exactly a chronograph equipped with HondaRacing parts.
must withstand high and constant explosion pressure in the combustion chamber of the engine and sometimes reciprocate more than 100 times per second, so it is necessary to combine heat resistance, hardness and low inertia weight at a high level. there is
The material that realized it was titanium aluminide.
It can be said that it is a material suitable for the watch exterior (bezel) where lightness and durability are required.
In addition, the surface of the bezel is hard to be damaged by applying a surface treatment called “DLC (diamond-like carbon)” on the EQB-1000HRS that hardens the combustion chamber of the Honda F1 engine to increase wear resistance.
The red band that represents the identity of "Honda Racing"
is made of durable kevlar insert nylon.
EQB-1000HRS and EQB-1000HR both use a dial with a red and black gradation.
Designed with the image of combustion at the moment of ignition in the engine cylinder
Both models are thin high-spec chronograph EQB-1000
Smartphone link with Bluetooth ?, a model with a low profile of 8.9mm, despite a high spec chronograph equipped with a tough solar that charges solar even with a little light
Thinner, lighter and easier to wear
Supports motor sports such as high time accuracy by smartphone link and world time that can be easily selected from 300 cities with smartphone app, transfer measurement data of stopwatch capable of 200 lap memory to smartphone and record in 1/1000 second unit in app Equipped with functions
In F1, various sessions including races are conducted in punctual conditions under unpredictable conditions such as weather and crashes, and accurate time management in seconds is required.
In the grid just before the start of the race, the team always fights against time, such as being penalized when the mechanics work after a certain time.
Honda Racing's F1 engineers are in constant contact with a Japanese research institute and constantly need to have a world time function.
The EDIFICE Smartphone Link Series responds to these requests and supports the team as a reliable watch.
Introducing a new Honda Racing limited model realized through collaboration with Honda Racing
This is EQB-1000HR-1AJR

・ Tough solar (solar charging system)
・ 10 standard atmosphere waterproofing function
・ Mobile link function (function linked by Bluetooth? Communication with compatible mobile phones)
・ Dual time stopwatch (1 second, 24-hour counter, with flyback, one-push measurement start from time mode)
・ Time alarm
・ Power saving function (After a certain period of time has passed in the dark, the hand movement is stopped to save power)
・ Date and day display
・ Full auto calendar
・ Driving time without solar power generation from full charge: When using functions / Approx. 5 months, When saving power / Approx. 19 months * When not working with a smartphone Operates with an average monthly difference of ± 15 seconds)
Brand introduction Metal analog watch "Edifice"
which fused with advanced technology and dynamic design
Model Number: EQB-1000HR-1AJR

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