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Target: Men
Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card included
Reinforced waterproof for daily life: 20BAR
Country of origin: Japan
Case width: 46.5mm
Magnetic-resistant structure / Shock-resistant structure / Chronograph / Tachymeter / Telemeter Brand description: `` High quality watch at a reasonable price
Japanese watch brands planning and manufacturing
Kentex has cultivated watch exterior technology and design power since its establishment.
With a Japanese craftsmanship, we pay attention to detail and create a valuable watch that combines function and beauty.
JSDF (J-SOLAR) series highest peak `` Triforce ''
finally appears
“Land” “Sea” “Sky” 3 The appeal of the Self-Defense Forces is combined into one, and next-generation hybrid spec specifications such as “magnetic resistance”, “impact resistance” and “solar” are unprecedented.
6 months operating time under full charge
It has enough functions as a power source necessary for the execution of harsh missions regardless of day or night
In addition to charging under sunlight, it can also be charged with indoor light.
It is a full-scale practical model that can perform missions while using
Japan's only JSDF watch registered as a “Ministry of Defense Headquarters Contract Product”
Completed with the cooperation of the Land, Sea and Air Self Defense Forces (Integrated Staff Division)
As a solar model, it accumulates drive energy and has a drive time of 6 months, and it is the next generation military spec with magnetic and shock resistant structure.
Each of the land, sea and sky 3 Self-Defense Force logos colored on the dial incorporates the image of each uniform color.
The phosphorescence used for the dial adopts Super-LumiNova and has the ability to maximize nighttime visibility as phosphorescence.
Sapphire glass with excellent visibility and durability is used for the top glass, and the back skeleton glass is engraved with a serial number while showing a magnetic and shock resistant structure.
In addition to various chronograph functions, the real military function that enables measurement as a tachymeter and telemeter as a display function
The potential is immeasurable due to the functions that can be used in various ways depending on the application.

Model Number: S720M-03

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