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Target: Men
Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card are included in the instruction manual
Reinforced waterproof for daily life: 10BAR
Country of origin: Japan
Case diameter: 43 mm
Brand description: `` High quality watches at the right price
Japanese watch brands planning and manufacturing
Kentex has cultivated watch exterior technology and design power since its establishment.
We create a valuable watch that combines function and beauty with a focus on detail in Japanese craftsmanship.
High beat high performance automatic 9015 equipped with Japanese precision technology
Follows the previous craftsman series performance (magnetic and shock resistance, tritium emission)
Long-lasting quality designed to maintain stable performance over time, even under the harsh conditions of professional activity
A real watch that has been loved for a long time
[Product specifications]
・ Movement: Japan's proud masterpiece high-performance high-beat movement `` 9015 ''
28,800 high-beat high-precision three-needle date automatic move
24 stones
Day difference -10 ~ + 30 seconds
With second hand regulation function

・ Titanium + IPH coating: Titanium, which is a light and tough material, is used for the case and band, and it is light and easy to use on the arm.
Case and band decorated with ultra-hard IPH plating coating, bright and shining, scratch-resistant and improved wear resistance

・ Ceramic bezel: The black octagon bezel, which is the design point, adopts high-quality ceramic material, so that the beauty can be maintained without being permanently damaged.

-Anti-Magnetic: Built-in soft iron inner case inside the case, and a full-scale reinforced anti-magnetic structure with soft iron plates overlaid on the dial
A high-performance move can be stably protected even in a magnetic field environment with a strong magnetic resistance of 64,000 A / m.

・ Reinforced shock-resistant structure (Anti-Shock): Eight barrel-shaped rubber cushioning materials are installed in the case, making it a safety design that absorbs the impact of the move when it suddenly falls.

Tritium light emission system: Tritium gas tube (green light emission) that continues to shine for 20 years even in total darkness, adopted for 12 dials and hands (hours, minutes)
A total of 14 tritium gas arc tubes ensure excellent visibility so that you can easily check the time even in the dark.
In addition, the tritium tube that emits orange light is used only at 12:00, making it easy to check the time.

・ Super solid dial with three-layer structure: Special structure of three layers consisting of “black carbon”, “stamped solid plate”, and “soft iron plate”, with a black and delicate three-dimensional design
Design showing black carbon from the outer periphery of the three-dimensional stamped plate and soft iron plate from the center watermark
Loaded with 12 tritium light emitting lamps on sharp diamond-cut indexes

Sapphire crystal: Adopted sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides, ensuring high transparency and visibility

・ The inside of the back pig skeleton is soft iron with a magnetic resistance structure (gun color plating)
"Crafted By Kentex"
and serial number from "001"
In addition, a gold plate with a honeycomb design inspired by a rotor is decorated on the soft iron plate.

Model Number: S526X-05

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