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Target: Men's
Set contents: main body, box, instruction manual, warranty card included
Reinforced waterproof for daily life: 10 BAR
Country of origin: Japan Brand description: The birth of the Orient Star dates back to 1951. Tama Keiki Co., Ltd. was established in 1950 (Showa 25), and started operation at the current manufacturing site in Hino City, and changed its name to Orient Watch Co., Ltd. the following year. Born in that year, the Orient Star was created in the image of a "shining star."
Standard 3-needle calendar model. The small case of 38.5 ?, which is easy to use everyday, has a design with a rugged edge. High cost performance with a 50-hour PR indicator. Made in Japan.
Model Number: RK-AU0005L

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★★★★★ New move improves power reserve
Post date : Monday, Mar 11 2019

Google Translation
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New move improves power reserve
I was a little worried about buying high-priced items online, but first of all, I was relieved to receive it without any problems. Although it is difficult to understand in the image of discovery japan, the color of the XII part and the second hand is light rose gold. Other bar indexes and VI parts are silver. I think that it is a very elegant and stylish coloring with rose gold that doesn't claim too much. Since all the frames arrived, frame adjustment is necessary. It was already woven, so I adjusted it myself. There was no particular problem. Of course, the movement was improved (I wanted a deep blue dial), the power reserve was 50 hours, and the accuracy was improved. Not only this product, Orient Star has high performance and satisfaction with the price, and I think COSPA is good. The previous model is now cheaper, so if you don't mind the specs (mainly Power Lisa's because there are individual differences between days), you will get it cheaper. Combine with your design and coloring. The tag was stuck with cello tape on the outer box (paper) of the product, and the outer box was torn when peeled off. Also, if you tried to remove the tape from the tag, the tag was about to break, so you gave up. It may be a measure to distinguish the product only on the outside, but that was the only disappointment, so -1.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

ネット通販で高額品を買うのに少し不安はありましたが、問題なく届いてまずは一安心。discovery japanの画像では分かりづらいが、XII部分と秒針のカラーは淡めのローズゴールド。その他のバーインデックスとVI部分はシルバーとなっています。主張し過ぎないローズゴールドがアクセントとなり、とても上品かつおしゃれなカラーリングだと思います。コマが全てついた状態で届いたので、コマ調整は必要です。そこは織り込み済みだったので自分で調整。特に問題はありませんでした。見た目はもちろん(深めの青文字盤が欲しかった)ムーブメントが改良され、パワーリザーブが50時間になり、精度も良くなったという点が決め手となり買いましたが、正解でした。この商品に限らず、オリエントスターは価格に対しての性能や満足感は高く、コスパがいいと思います。今だと前のモデルは安くなっているので、スペック(日差は個体差があるので主にパワリザの持ち)が気にならなければそちらの方がより安く手に入れられるでしょう。デザインやカラーリングと合わせてお好みで。商品の外箱(紙)の上にセロテープでタグが張りつけてあり、剥がした際に外箱が破れてしまいました。また、タグからテープを剥がそうとするとタグも破れそうだった為、そちらは断念。商品を外側だけで見分けるための措置なのだろうが、その点が唯一残念だったので-1。

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Made In Japan Model

Made In Japan Model

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