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Large aperture and telephoto zoom with an open value of F2.8
Various aberrations are thoroughly removed by adopting multi-group moving inner focus method and 4 UD lenses.
Boasts high descriptive power with excellent resolution and contrast
Quiet, high-speed AF with ring USM and full-time manual focus are also attractive.
Features from Amazon This is a large aperture / telephoto zoom with an open F value of 2.8, which is popular as a professional standard lens.
Chasing a moving subject like sports or animals
Frame and draw subjects that are out of reach
You can enjoy impressive expressions that take advantage of the effects of telephoto zoom.
A luxurious lens configuration that uses four UD lenses provides high image quality with excellent resolution and contrast suitable for L lenses.
UD lens Ideal chromatic aberration correction with more lenses
The UD (Ultra Low Dispersion) lens was developed based on this theme.
An optical material with low refraction and low dispersion characteristics that is highly effective in removing secondary spectra.
Ring USM USM (Ultrasonic Motor) = Ultrasonic motor has high torque / high response and supports quick focusing.
It has ideal characteristics as a lens drive motor, such as almost no operating noise.
Inner focus Technology that reduces the total weight of the moving lens by using part of the lens configuration as a focus lens.
Realizes high-speed, precise AF control, excellent holding balance, and compactness
Full-time manual focus After auto-focus, this function enables manual focus immediately by rotating the focus ring after one-shot AF so that the photographer can finally adjust the focus.
Product Specifications
・ Angle of view (horizontal / vertical / diagonal): 29 ° to 10 °, 19 ° 30 to 7 °, 34 ° to 12 °
・ Lens construction: 18 elements in 15 groups
・ Number of diaphragm blades: 8
・ Minimum aperture: 32
・ Shortest shooting distance: 1.5m
・ Maximum shooting magnification: 0.16 times (at 200mm)
-Filter diameter: 77mm
・ Maximum diameter x length: φ84.6mm x 193.6mm
・ Weight: 1310g View all product descriptions
Dimension: 18.4 x 30.2 x 18.4 cm; 1.31 Kg
Model Number: 2569A018

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