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Target: Men
Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card included
Waterproof reinforcement for everyday life: 10BAR
Country of origin: Japan
See-through back, screw back
29 stones, date hand, day hand, power reserve display function, second hand stop function Presage's top series caliber No.6R21 pursuing Japanese technology and tradition and proposing new value
Model Number: SARW021

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★★★★★ Seiko Presage SARW021
Post date : Saturday, Sep 21 2019
I was impressed with prompt shipping of this quality watch. Simply beautiful dial, the complications day date second hand precise perfection. Love it

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★★★★★ A watch with a high contrast between the dial and hands for easy viewing
Post date : Saturday, Aug 3 2019

Google Translation
Translated by Google
A watch with a high contrast between the dial and hands for easy viewing
At first glance it looks like a white dial, but if you look closely while reflecting light, it will reflect in a pearly shade. The contrast between the white dial and the hands is very high, and the positions of all hands including the long and short hands can be seen at a glance, but no luminescent paint is applied, but the visibility is enough to be used as a pilot watch in a bright daytime environment There is. Thanks to the power reserve on the left side of the dial, you can know to a certain extent your daily behavior (momentum), but you can also see the timing of manual winding at a glance and feel secure with automatic winding without power reserve Is different. There is a calendar for the date and day of the week at the bottom center and right, but this is also easy to understand at a glance and the overall meter arrangement is balanced, and there are many cheeky and cheap impression watches, the cheap impression is I feel that it is a design that makes you feel a calm and functional beauty. Breath design is also suitable for Prestige Line and has a sense of luxury, so it can be used as a dress watch. However, when the crown is set to the date, the notch is lighter and it tends to be pulled twice, so I want the notch to be a little more solid. I felt that it was very excellent as a watch of around 100,000 yen because it was beautifully finished in a functional and beautiful manner, and it was easy to use and beautiful.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

一見白の文字盤に見えますが光を反射させながらよくよく見るとパールのような色合いで反射します。白の文字盤と針とのコントラストが非常に高く長針短針を含め全ての針の位置が一目でわかり夜光塗料が塗られていないが昼間の明るい環境ではパイロットウオッチとしても使用できるほどの視認性があります。文字盤左側のパワーリザーブが付いているおかげで一日の自分の行動(運動量)がある程度知ることもできますが、手巻きのタイミングも一目でわかりパワーリザーブが付いていない自動巻きとは安心感が違います。中央下と右には日付と曜日のカレンダーが付いていますがこれも一目でわかりやすく全体のメーターの配列のバランスがとれていて、ごちゃごちゃしてチープな印象の時計が多い中、チープな印象はも全く感じられず落ち着いた機能美を感じさせるデザインと感じます。ブレスのデザインもPrestige Lineにふさわしく高級感もありドレスウオッチとしても使用できるのではないでしょうか。ただ、リューズが日付合わせの時一段ひく時にノッチが軽いため二段引いてしまう傾向がありもう少しノッチをしっかりとしたものにしてほしいと感じます。全体的に派手さはなくとても機能的にも美しく仕上げられていて使いやすさと美しさが両立して100,000円前後の時計としては非常に優れていると感じました。

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