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★★★★★ There is a bewitching beauty
Post date : Tuesday, Jul 9 2019

Google Translation Translated by Google There is a bewitching beauty
Although it is difficult to understand in the picture, the Arabic numerals shine in silver and have a three-dimensional effect. The long and short hands are beige-like shades. It looks like a windshield of a curved sapphire, and it looks very nice (I was surprised by my colleagues that "Is this not 100,000?"). In short, it is a watch with a bewitching beauty. Of course it is easy to use even for casual because there is no sharp like GS. The day difference has passed in +5 to 10 seconds, which is reasonable. However, if only the date is a black letter on a white background, I think that the visibility was better, so I made it 4 stars. 4 months after purchase. The accuracy improved little by little, and on average it took about +4 seconds. I didn't care about the date by adjusting the angle of the arm when looking at it. The presage is very beautiful that there is no step when you snap the belt buckle. I don't know if it's dark at night, but if it's about the moonlight, I can understand the time without difficulty (visibility is good. It was good to make it black). I loved it more and more, so I decided to give it 5 stars.
Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
写真では分かりにくいですが、アラビア数字はシルバーに輝いており、且つ立体感があります。長針・短針はベージュっぽい色合いです。カーブサファイアの風防といい、見栄えは非常に宜しいです(仕事仲間からは、「これ、10万しないんですか?」と驚かれました)。一言で言えば、妖艶な美しさを兼ね備えた腕時計です。フォーマルは勿論、GS のようなシャープさが無い為、カジュアルでも使い易いと思います。日差も+5~10秒で経過しており、まずまずでしょう。ただ、日付だけは白の背景に黒文字であれば、もっと視認性が良かったのではないかと思いますので星4つにしています。購入後4か月のレビューです。精度は少しずつ改善し、平均して+4秒程度で経過しています。日付は見る時の腕の角度を調整する事で気にならなくなりました。プレサージュはベルトのバックルをカチッとはめた際に段差が出来ないのが非常に美しいです。夜は真っ暗だとさすがに分かりませんが、月明かり程度であれば難なく時間が分かります(視認性が良いです。黒にして良かった!)。益々気に入ってきましたのでこれからも宜しくという意味を込め、星を5つにしました。

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     Description (1,551 characters)
Target: Men
Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card included
Reinforced waterproof for daily life: 10BAR
Country of origin: Japan
・ Screw back
・ See-through back
-Number of stones: 23-Second hand stop functionBrand description:
・ “Prestige Line” A line that enriches daily life and enriches life with handmade work by skilled craftsmen in addition to the good mechanical features of Made in Japan. Jet black, cocoon × Watanabe force, double retrograde, enamel.
・ The pleasure of wearing, watching and operating as an “upgrade line”. A higher-grade line that you can feel every time you use the charm of a mechanical watch.
・ “Basic Line” Beautiful sparkle and dramatic shadows. A simple yet powerful line. In 1913, Seiko's first wristwatch was the Laurel. The traditional design that describes the first step of the manufacture is reproduced in the present age. The glossy finish dial has a fabric-like irregularity on the back, and soft shadows will delight the eyes. When you tilt the dial, the expression changes slightly, and you can feel a fresh impression without getting tired of watching forever. The Arabic numerals, which can be said to be the life of this model, create a crisp three-dimensional effect through a special technique of overlaying 12 prints. You can feel the dial that combines beauty and easy-to-read that can only be manufactured with modern technology. Caliber No. 6R15
Model Number: SARX039


Seiko    PRESAGE  GRAND SEIKO  Chronograph  Shopping  Sapphire Crystal  Seiko Prospex  Automatic quartz  Seiko 5  Luxury goods  Seiko 5 Sports Automatic  SARW025 Men's Presage Seiko  Seiko SKA721P1 / SKA723P1 / SKA725P1  Seiko Cocktail Time  Seiko Presage Automatic  Seiko SSA387J1 Presage Cocktail Gold Dial Mens  SARX029 Presage Seiko  Men's Presage Seiko Automatic Date SPB037J1  

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