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★★★★☆  Perfect for when you want Super Famicom style and Super NES length.
Post date : Tuesday, Oct 29 2019

At 6 feet long with a Super Famicom color scheme, it's the perfect brand-new controller for someone that loves Super Famicom pads but hates that 2 foot length. The responsiveness is spot-on.It's also a decent weight and density for a Super Nintendo pad, as opposed to the usual quality of third party pads that are half the weight and of lesser plastic than the real thing.

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★★★★☆  Great Controller, except for the short cable
Post date : Sunday, Oct 20 2019

Nice Controller, gives your system a different look without having to worry about any of the quality issues associated with third party controllers.Direction Pad and Buttons very Responsive, just like a new american SNES controller. Unlike the SNES controller all four buttons are convex.Would give Five Stars but the cord for the controller is significantly shorter than it's American Equivalent, so you will either need to be sitting within a few feet of your system or buy an extension cable.

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★★★★☆  GOOD
Post date : Sunday, Oct 6 2019

it has tasty coloured buttons instead of purple and lavender (also its cheaper)

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★★★★☆  Well worth the price.
Post date : Saturday, Oct 5 2019

Honestly near perfect. As someone who gets a new SFC/SNES controller roughly every year, this one was the best price I’ve paid and the best product I’ve received.

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★★★★☆  Decent
Post date : Saturday, Aug 24 2019


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★★★★☆  Five Stars
Post date : Thursday, Jul 18 2019


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★★★★☆  I Wanted To Like It
Post date : Thursday, Jul 18 2019

The D-Pad does not work on US Console and the controller does not work at all with the SFC Extension Cable on RetroN 5. I saw good reviews so it must be my copy.

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★★★★☆  Very satisfied.
Post date : Wednesday, Jun 12 2019

One of the buttons was a bit mushy, but it was a simple and cheap fix (replacement silicone pads are ~$4). Really can't blame the vendor, as this product is upwards of 23+ years old.Otherwise, in great shape. No input issues.

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