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Body, cap, crown, buttock, cover: AS resin
Clip: Gold-plated beryllium copper
Intermediate ring: Gold-plated brass
Other rings: Gold-plated brass
Accessories: Compared to a normal nib with a converter, Music has two slits to increase the ink flow rate. For this reason, there are many parts that come into contact with the air and it is easy to dry, but the "slip seal mechanism&quot
makes the pen tip completely airtight, which prevents the ink from drying out. It is generally said to be a pen tip for writing sheet music, but it is becoming more popular when it is suitable for design characters, and it has a wide range of uses. It can also be used like a popular calligraphy pen in the West. The feature is that the pen points are sharpened flat so that the vertical lines can be written thick and the horizontal lines can be written thin. Since it has two slits (three-divided pen points), the manufacturing process is complicated and requires skill. The unique writing lines with strength and weakness are attractive, the handwriting changes depending on the angle and writing pressure, and by using various color inks, it is possible to express more unique characters and sentences. .. Please enjoy the writing comfort of the newly reborn platinum music. * Calligraphy means "draw beautifully&quot
in Greek, and is a method to make letters look beautiful like Japanese calligraphy, but since a pen or similar tool is used for writing, calligraphy using a brush is The characters expressed are very different.

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Post date : Thursday, May 20 2021
This is my first Platinum # 3776 # Century w/ music nib. It comes w/ a converter and a cartridge. Very smooth writing instrument. It is like gliding on the paper. I really like this Platinum # 3776 # Century MN FP. Shipment was the fastest and the package protection was very good. I am happy. Thank you!

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