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[Color] Pastel green / [Quantity] 10 pieces of the same color
[Pen tip/Line width] Small round core/Line width 0.9~1.3mm
[Single item size] Shaft diameter 15.3 x thickness 18.5 x total length 141.6 mm
[Material] Shaft material: PP resin / Pen core: PET fiber [Replacement core] PCR-3 (sold separately)
Brilliant coloring, beautifully coloring dark paper
It is possible to write not only overwriting but also on metal and glass, so it is a great sense pen posca

Color: 10 pastel greens [Writable on various materials] Posca's natural color is now available!! It is a marker with good coloring and no bleeding or show-through.
A water-based marker that has excellent water resistance and is also strong against water.
It vividly colors like a poster color, does not damage the material, and has no unpleasant odor
When it is dry, it can be overwritten, and you can write on various things such as metal, glass, plastic, mirror etc.
1. Vivid color vivid color regardless of dark or light background color
2. Overwrite is possible If it is dry, you can overwrite
Moreover, the color underneath is not transparent
3. You can decorate your plastic bottle, metal, glass, photos, etc. as a storage bottle, eco bag, DIY chair or desk, etc.
4.Excellent light resistance and does not flow into water when dried Expanded 7 colors of pink
Three types of pen tip thickness are available: ultra-thin, fine round core, and medium round core.
Please choose your favorite color and size
Product Name: Mitsubishi Poska Natural Color Fine Round Core Pastel Green 10pcs PC3MP.6

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