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Winding length (cm / handle 1 rotation): 81
Gear ratio: 7.3
Weight (g): 230
Maximum drag force (kg): 7
Spool diameter (mm): 36
Standard spool volume Nylon (lb-m): 16-125, 20-100
Standard thread winding amount PE (No.-m): 2-230
Bearing (ball / roller): 10/1
Handle length (mm): 100
An advanced version of Zillion with power fishing. The long-awaited G1 duralumin DEEP spool (φ36mm, 20lb.-100m) is now available on the Tough Concept Bait and Zillion TW series. Powered by a reinforced aluminum housing (gear side aluminum side plate &
aluminum set plate), equipped with 100mm aluminum crank handle and power round EVA knob. A lineup of crazy crunker models that are ideal for scrolls. Mag shield BB, all CRBB are adopted, and salt is also supported.

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★★★★★ Big bait etc.
Post date : 8/02/2019

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Big bait etc.
It is not suitable for casting unless it is a pretty baby weight lure. The reason for this is that the brake is just a magforce (the inductor rotor is fixed), so the lure up to the mid-weight level (20g or less) cannot achieve the latter half of the growth. Big bait or heavy metal is easy to handle. If it is a lure of 20g level, it will fly as it is, but I think that it is not enough for long casting. I solved the sluggish growth in the latter half with a 1520 spool of 18 ryoga (this is a magforce Z with HD normal and winding amount together). I have also owned an ordinary Zillion TW, but I think it's basically a lure about 20g that can be cast casually. Even if no brake is OK, the normal spool is okay at all (^ _ ^;) If you want to feel free to cast like yourself, we recommend the SV equipped model. It seems that the usability of the reel changes greatly with the postscript rod. The compatibility with at least M power and MH class rods seems to be outstanding. Although it was not good with the crawler 92L +, compatibility with the ballistic bait Nano103MH is outstanding. I was promoted to a favorite of star 5 at a stretch. However, please change the spool on the premise. 18 Ryuga 1520 spool is 10000 yen (excluding tax) and you can pay attention at fishing tackle shop (^_^)

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