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Winding length (per handle rotation): 86cm
Gear ratio: 8.1
Standard weight: 150g
Maximum drag force: 4kg
Standard spool volume (nylon): 12lb / 40-80m 14lb / 35-70m
Handle length: 80mm
Bearing (ball / roller): 7/1
Super duralumin SV spool (deep groove)
High precision machine cut air metal housing &
ZAION side plate
Mag dial
UTD (Ultimate Tournament Drag)
80mm aluminum crank handle &
cork I knob
Speed shaft

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Post date : 16/05/2019

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for your information
I inquired about the difference between the SV spool (shallow groove type) and SLP STEEZ SV spool 105 (shallow groove type) that are standard equipment on the 105XH / XHL. The material is slightly different in shape due to the difference between G1 Duralumin and Super Duralumin (I think it is a subtle difference such as thickness and shaving that is not related to installation). When I measure it enough, the STEEZ SV spool is 4g lighter so I would like to make a comparison.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

この 105XH/XHL に標準装備されている SVスプール(浅溝タイプ)と SLP STEEZ SVスプール 105(浅溝タイプ)の違いについて問い合わせてみました。材質がG1ジュラルミン と 超々ジュラルミン の違いから若干形状が異なる(取付には関係しない、厚みや削り込み等微妙な違いだと思います)とのことです。十分で測ってみるとSTEEZ SVスプールの方が4g軽いのでちょっと比較もしてみたいです。

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