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Winding length (cm / handle 1 rotation): 59
Gear ratio: 6.3
Own weight (g): 170
Maximum drag force (kg): 4.5
Standard winding amount Nylon (lb-m): 14-30-60, 12-35-70
Handle length (mm): 80
Bearing ball / roller: 6/1
Handle knob S exchangeable
Salt compatible
TOUGH) SV spool first-generation next-generation standard
Full metal compact body that has been highly reliable for 15 years since its first appearance in 2004
Made-in-Japan, which has continued to demonstrate its superior functions close to its flagship, with the generous introduction of DAIWA's most advanced technology at the time.
The ninth-generation traditional machine was born under the name of Alphas CT SV, which works quickly in the modern field.
Based on the body of trust, it was loaded with a small high-performance engine
The installed 30φ CT SV spool has the same specifications as the highest peak Steeds CT SV and engine.
The material is G1 duralumin, which is extremely lightweight and highly rigid.
The difference is only the laser engraving of the model name visible on the spool side
For example, a factory tuned machine
At first glance a commercial vehicle
However, once you step on the accelerator, it is a racing package that instantly drives others around
It can be said that it is a wolf with a sheepskin that has a high-spec engine in the invisible part.
Gear ratio is 70H for 6.3, 70SH for 7.2
59cm and 67cm roll lengths respectively
The features of the next-generation Versatile stand out with various approaches to winding and shooting
The orange color based on black is a proof of a small-sized lure compatible machine that has continued for generations with DAIWA bait reels.
Even if the angler who fought a battle with an existing model switched to CT SV, there is no sense of incongruity there, only the advantage exists

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