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Winding length (cm): 75
Gear ratio: 7.1
Weight (g): 195
Maximum drag force (kg): 6
Standard winding amount PE (No.-m): 1.5-200
Handle length (mm): 100
Bearing (ball / roller): 12/1
Achieved “no more than” usability in sea bass bait reels. Compact, tough, cast stretch, and a wide range of support from stubborn to boat.
Morethan PE is highly regarded as a sea bass dedicated bait reel. Not only the body but also both sides are made of aluminum, so it has extremely high rigidity. With powerful and stable winding, not only can the flow change be clearly communicated to the hand, but also the lure to be pulled can be retrieved lightly, and the big guys can be drawn. A compact body that is easy to palm and a 100mm long handle that supports powerful hoisting make you feel even more rigid. In the brakes, the setting is changed from the defense setting that does not cause backlash with PE, to the setting of aggressive attack that skips to the limit and extends in the second half. From long cast iron plate vibrations to pin spot casts such as minnows, there is no gap in its potential.

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★★★★★ Morezan bait reel
Post date : 30/06/2019

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Morezan bait reel
I want another one. Smooth and easy to use.

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