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Winding length (cm / handle 1 rotation): 71
Gear ratio: 6.3
Weight (g): 295
Maximum drag force (kg): 7
Standard winding amount Bright (No.-m): 2-150, 3-100
Standard winding amount Nylon (No.-m): 3-120, 4-90
Handle length (mm): 100
Bearing ball / roller: 6/1
Magshield: DAIWA's original waterproof structure that shuts out intrusion of seawater and dust etc. with magnetic oil wall
Maintains initial rotation performance for a long period of time while maintaining light and smooth rotation without contact
Most of the causes of rotational noise are intrusion of salt and foreign objects
Except for cases such as excessive submergence, the rotating noise generation rate of reels with magshields has greatly decreased.
Moreover, this ratio has been appearing in the data as a big difference over time after the appearance of MagShield.
This means that the longer you use it, the more effective it will be
In other words, it is proof that the waterproof and dustproof ability of the Magshield is at a very high level.
DAIWA is a unique technology that succeeds in making the ball bearing a mag shield for small parts that can be said to be the lifeline of reel rotation performance.
By suppressing the intrusion of water and foreign matter into the ball bearing, it eliminates rust and saltiness while maintaining the original light and smooth performance.
It was possible to maintain the initial performance for a long time
By installing this mag shield ball bearing on the pinion gear part, we got waterproof and durable performance that is not exaggeration even if there is no blind spot

Millionaire, which has a long history as a flagship of DAIWA ship-wound reels, has evolved
DAIWA's unique technology `` mag shield ball bearing ''
that revolutionized the concept of waterproof and durable performance of the reel is installed in the pinion gear part which is the heart of it, and the cause of salt fray that is the fate of ship reels is thoroughly eliminated
The aluminum high-rigidity body that is molded with ultra-precise machine cutting, combined with the effect of supporting the gear firmly, keeps the smooth and silky rotation performance that brings a comfortable actual fishing feeling for a long time
`` ATD (automatic drag system) ''
that keeps changing smoothly according to fish pulling in exchange prevents line break and contributes to higher catch rate than ever
The spool part is a super spool-free specification that enables high-speed rotation and high-speed dropping, which is also a DAIWA home art
`` BASARA ''
is Sanskrit word for `` Kumite (Diamond) ''
The shining body is a proof that the beauty and the beauty of technology are in harmony.

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