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Winding length (1 turn of handle) (cm): 55
Gear ratio: 4.9
Weight (g): 280
Maximum drag force (kg): 7
Standard winding amount Nylon (lb-m): 12-160, 16-120
Standard winding amount PE (No.-m): 1.5-250, 2-200
Handle length (mm): 100
Knob specifications: Large type I
Bearing (ball / roller): 6/1
Accessories: Reel bag / brake color
Salt compatible / Handle knob S exchangeable
Comfortable beige ging reel that combines power and lightness

Gear ratio 4.9 model of “Easy winding concept”: Tai Lava is one of the charms of the simple clarity just of “drop and roll”
Because it is simple, "winding"
is the biggest factor that affects fishing results.
DAIWA, together with charter boat captain Kazuma Nakai, who continues to produce results in Tailaba's fierce battle zone, together with Kazuma Nakai tester, thoroughly verifies the speed that is "more comfortable than before and easy to produce fishing speed"
As a result, we reached the conclusion that the gear ratio of 4.9 and the speed of the first half of 50cm is the most comfortable speed for both low profile reels and round reels, and that it is not too slow to collect and not stressful.
This is the strength that can continue winding without stopping rotation even with strong attack of red sea bream, it is also easy to keep the retrieval speed constant, and it turns out that there are many red sea bream bites
I named this “Easy winding concept” as “Easy winding and fishing” setting.
100P-RM and 100PL-RM are tailored lava models born from this easy winding concept

It is not just a low gear model, it is a dedicated spec that became necessary as a result of research on Tylaba
PE1 has a line capacity of 400m and can handle the popular deep tie mules.
The design adopts a playful color with pink that makes the image of DAIWA's Tyaba exclusive brand “Red Fang”

Large Star Drag with Micro Pitch Click: With Micro Pitch Click for finer drag adjustment for use in light lines
In addition, a large star drag is used for easy drag operation.

Clutch structure that resists salt adhesion
In order to prevent galvanic corrosion caused by contact between metals during operation, a structure that is insulated with resin parts is adopted.

Sync level wind: When the clutch is released and the line is released, the level wind moves to the left and right by synchronizing with the rotation of the spool.
The advantage is that the release resistance of the line is reduced and faster release is possible
In addition, the load on the line is reduced, contributing to the reduction of problems such as backlash.

Real gripping concept: ideal form realized by applying a unique precision machine cut to a high rigidity super metal housing
Repeated field tests, gripping at the time of actual fishing, shape that sticks to the ease of summing
Excellent low profile and hold performance despite its round shape

Speed shaft type spool: Structure that supports the spool only by BB
Because of the shaftless, the extra resistance is zero and ideal spool rotation is obtained
Lighter lures and jigs can be used due to good spool response
Also suitable for severe fishing that repeats bottoming frequently

Easy structure that side plate and spool can be attached and detached by adjusting the screw on the handle side body
If you have a spare spool, you can use different line thickness depending on the situation, or you can respond to unexpected line breaks immediately.
The ease of maintenance is also a major advantage of this structure

Hidden operability and durability hidden in a small body that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand
A solid body made from solid aluminum material with an ultra-precise machine cut and a precise internal gear system result in a smooth, light, yet powerful retrieve feeling.
Trouble-free synchro level wind and convenient spool replacement mechanism further enhance usability
Reel with unwavering security feels as if it is a part of your arm, making it an irreplaceable weapon for anglers aiming for further heights in jigging games.
Both 100 and 200 sizes have the same body diameter and different widths.
Both sizes have a low profile design with a height of 49mm, so they have excellent holdability to hold firmly.
Catarina Begging, a reliable partner who can enjoy 120% of the pleasures of Begging that crosses the seabass and hailfish, and sometimes the meter-class greens with a simple tackle

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