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Winding length: 60cm (per handle rotation)
Gear ratio: 5.1
Weight: 330g
Maximum drag force: 5kg
PE spool amount (No.-m): 4-180 / 5-150
Nylon spool amount (No.-m): 5-160 / 6-140
Bearing (ball / roller): 6/1
Knob fit size: M size (RCS power light M)
Compact body
Large diameter spool
Precision all machine cut frame &
both side plates
Speed shaft
Super spool free
Crank handle &
EVA knob
Forged star drag
CRBB, which has improved rust prevention performance due to the surface modification treatment of stainless steel BB, has evolved further. Its durability is more than 10 times that of conventional products. Maintains initial performance for a longer time when using seawater.
Shower washable
Synonymous with DAIWA hand-wound dual-axis reel. A machine-cut complete cutting reel with a highly rigid body that produces stable hoisting force. Rigid hand-wound sensation brought about by an elaborate and robust body made from pure aluminum by precision machine cutting. Red sea bream, flounder, prickly fish, root fish, flounder triples, etc. can be rolled up with a margin. The sense of security is recommended for hand-wound light games aiming at various targets.

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