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1, What is 0.01mm?
Sagami Original 001 is a whopping 0.018mm thin (*according to our measurements).
To use a familiar example, it is half the thinness of the plastic wrap film used in the kitchen.

2. Even though it is thin, you can use it with peace of mind!
Do you worry about the strength of thinness? No, it doesn't.
Sagami Original is not made of conventional rubber (natural latex), but is made of polyurethane, which is stronger and more durable.
Even though Sagami Original 001 is 0.01mm thin, it is three to five times stronger than Sagami Rubber's general latex condoms.

3. The warmth of the skin is transmitted instantly
Do rubber condoms give you a "cool" feeling when you insert them?
Polyurethane is a material that conducts heat well, so it instantly transmits the warmth of your partner's skin, giving you a natural feeling.

4. Zero rubber smell!
Rubber condoms have a peculiar rubber smell, but Sagami Original 001 is made of polyurethane, so there is no peculiar rubber smell at all.

5. No worries about rubber allergies
Have you ever experienced itching, rashes, hives, or other allergic symptoms when using condoms?
Sagami Original condoms are made of polyurethane, a material with excellent biocompatibility, and are especially recommended for those who are concerned about latex allergies.

6. Smooth surface
The smooth surface of polyurethane provides a gentle feel.
It also has excellent thermoplasticity (the property of softening when heated and hardening when cooled), which means that it softens as it approaches body temperature.

7、Individually wrapped in an easy to open blister pack
Sagami Original Blister Sagami Original's unique blister packaging eliminates the need to check the male or female side!
Just open it, pick it up, and put it on, so you don't have to worry about checking the orientation even in a dark room.

8. A brand that continues to be chosen
The "non-rubber condom" made its shocking debut in 1998.
Since the launch of Sagami's original condoms, they have become popular for their thinness, durability, odorlessness, and easy-to-handle individual packaging.
Since the launch of Sagami's original condoms, we have achieved a natural feel that is completely different from the rubber condoms of the past.
In order to deliver better products to our customers, our technology and thoughts have been put into a coating of only 0.018mm.
We will continue to evolve to make our products even thinner, stronger, and softer.
Sagami Rubber's thinnest condom. That is Sagami Original 001.

Trade name: Sagami Original
Material: Polyurethane
Shape: Standard
Color: Colorless and transparent
Length: 170mm
Diameter: 36mm
Quantity: 5pcs

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