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Product size (width x depth x height): 100 mm x 45 mm x 180 mm
Country of origin: Japan
Contents: 1 pair Type: M ~ L size Product introduction [Product introduction]
・ Night pressure spats that lift the slack "buttocks", "inner thighs", and "above the knees".

・ Wrap up to the pelvis and lift the lower body

・ Wide range of rubber makes your tummy comfortable

・ Toe cut
・ Knee back mesh knitting
・ Use of deodorant fiber makes it hard to get stuffy and refreshing

・ Stage pressure design born from European leg care (ankle 21hPa, calf 16hPa, thigh 11hPa, inseam 9hPa)
・ Lighter legs with a design that lowers the pressure from the ankle to the top
Make it thin and beautiful

・ Size: M ~ L (height 150 ~ 165cm, hips 85 ~ 98cm, thighs 50 ~ 60cm, calves 36 ~ 42cm, ankles 21 ~ 25cm)
・ Color: Lavender
・ Type: Spats type, for good night [To prevent blurring and transmission lines] (1) Before use, smooth the nails and heels of the limbs and remove the ring etc.
(2) Do not raise your nails or pull them up all at once.
[How to use] (1) Pull it up, pass your legs one by one, and pull it up to your knees.
(2) Pull up so that there is no gap in the inseam, and then pull up evenly to the waist.
(3) Align the butt from the thigh to the taping part.
Precautions for use [Precautions for use] 1. The following people should consult a doctor before use.
(1) Those who currently feel swelling or dullness of their legs due to illness or injury (2) Those who have high blood pressure, those who have heart / kidney disorders (3) Those who are currently suffering from itching or rash (4) ) Those who have had a blood circulation disorder 2. Do not use the one that does not fit the size
(May cause poor blood circulation
) 3.2 Do not stack and use
(May cause poor blood circulation
) 4. If you feel sick during or after use, or if you feel any abnormalities such as itching, rash or pain, discontinue use immediately.
5. Do not use for medical purposes
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Raw materials / ingredients Nylon, polyurethane, polyester See more

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