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Product size (width x depth x height): 10 x 3.3 x 18 cm
Country of origin: Japan
Contents: 1 pair
Material: Nylon, Polyurethane Size: S ~ M size Product introduction
・ W move-up design with pelvic support and thigh taping

・ Stabilizes the waist area and smoothes the legs.

・ UV protection, sweat-absorbing quick-drying yarn, and deodorant fiber are used, so you can enjoy sports comfortably.

・ 3D hip-up design
2.3cm * Hip up * Measure the height of the lower hips (inflection point from thighs to hips) of 13 women aged 21 to 47 (average age 30)
Difference in "hip lower height"
when not worn and when worn Average height
Minimum value "+0.5 cm", maximum value "+4.1 cm"
among 13 people

・ Step pressure design (ankle 21hPa, calf 16hPa, thigh 11hPa)
・ Size: S ~ M (height 145 ~ 160cm, hips 80 ~ 93cm, thighs 45 ~ 53cm, calves 32 ~ 38cm, ankles 19 ~ 23cm)
・ Color: Bratzku
・ Type: Leggings type, for sports [How to use] (1) Check before and after
* The one with the tag is rear (buttock side) (2) Pull up to the ankle and align the ankle accurately.
(3) Put the thumbs of both hands inside and pull evenly little by little.
* Please pull up one leg at a time
* Because of its strong support, please pull it up slowly with caution.
(4) Adjust the position of * as shown in the figure.
Pull up so that there is no gap in the inseam, and then pull up evenly to the waist
(5) Lift the hips from the thighs and put them in the hips
* If there is a gap in the inseam, lower it to the ankle and then pull it up again.
[To prevent blurring and transmission] (1) Before use, smooth the nails and heels of your limbs and remove the rings.
(2) Do not raise your nails or pull them up all at once.
・ Wash with similar colors according to the instructions of the washing mark.
・ Precautions when using the laundry net [Handling instructions]
・ Be sure to read and store before use.
[Precautions for use]
・ The following people should consult a doctor before use.
(1) Those who currently feel swelling or dullness of their legs due to illness or injury (2) Those who have high blood pressure, those who have heart / kidney disorders (3) Those who are currently suffering from itching or rash (4) ) Those who have had blood circulation disorders
・ Do not use the ones that do not match the size
(May cause poor blood circulation
・ Do not stack two sheets
(May cause poor blood circulation
・ Should you feel sick during or after use, or feel any abnormalities such as itchiness, rash or pain, discontinue use immediately.
・ Do not use at bedtime
・ Do not use for medical purposes

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