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Power supply: 220 ~ 230V 50 / 60HZ
Instruction manual: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese
Production country: Made in Japan

・ Made in Japan
・ Microcomputer rice cooker
-Continue cooking on high heat, without worrying about spilling out the "boiled heat boiling"
to extract the umami, continue cooking on high heat even after boiling. The umami is pulled out, and the plump rice is cooked up to the core.
・ "Kuromaru Atsugama"
which transfers heat to the whole kettle 1.7mm round bottom so that rice is easy to convection.
・ The sweetness component of rice is up. “Aged cooking” menu Rice becomes delicious by letting it absorb water well before cooking. Aged cooking takes time to soak in water and let the core slowly absorb water. Water that reaches the core promotes pregelatinization from the rice core and makes it plump.
・ A stew function that makes it easy to make stews and soups
・ We can cook thick porridge (deep porridge) and rare porridge (thin porridge).
・ With special menu to cook long grain rice, brown rice, brown rice activity
・ "Clear coat lid"
which is hard to get dirt &
"Stainless steel lid"
which lasts cleanliness
・ Quickly washable “washable inner pig” rice cooker (germinated brown rice can be cooked with “white rice”) white rice, long grain rice, aged rice cooked, white rice rapid, porridge (dark and thin), rice flour, sushi, brown rice, brown rice activity , Stew
Model Number: NS-YMH10

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