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Size: 66.9 × 36 × 27.8cm
Body weight: 13.1kg
Power supply: AC 100V 50-60Hz
Warranty period: 1 year
Tank capacity: about 2.5L (effective water amount is about 2.0L)
Power cord length: about 1.8m
Applicable floor area: ~ 42 tatami (69?)
Humidification method: vaporization type. Maximum humidification amount: about 800 mL / hour
Humidification floor area, wooden Japanese-style room: ~ 13.5 tatami (22m2), prefabricated Western-style room: ~ 22 tatami (37m2)
Clean-up time, empty cleaning operation: 8 tatamis for 7 minutes, humidification air cleaning operation: 8 tatamis for 10 minutes Color: Champagne [automatic cleaning unit] starts up, removes dust from the pre-filter with a brush while moving up and down. Collected dust collects in the dust box. Easy to clean. Both brush and dust box are antibacterial *. * 1 Brush 2 Dust box
・ Testing organization: 1 Kaken Test Center 2 Boken Quality Evaluation Organization
・ Test method 1 Antibacterial test JIS L 1902 (bacterial solution absorption method): 2 Antibacterial test JIS Z 2801 (Film adhesion method )
・ Targets: 12 Bacteria attached
・ Antibacterial method: 1 Antibacterial component is applied to the fiber and fixed. 2 Antibacterial component is kneaded into resin. A wide suction area realizes a dust collection capacity of ~ 42 tatami models. The larger the applied floor area, the more quickly the air can be cleaned. [Allele-off fine dust HEPA filter] and [washable deodorizing filter] catch various dirt and odors. Humidification method: Vaporization type humidification applicable floor area, wooden Japanese-style room ~: ~ 13.5 tatami (22 m2), prefabricated Western room: ~ 22 tatami (37 m2) Maximum humidification amount: about 800 mL / hour Body mass: 13.1 kg cleaning time 7 minutes for 8 tatami mats, humidifying and cleaning: 10 minutes for 8 tatami mats Air cleaning applicable floor area, air cleaning: ~ 42 tatami (69 m2)
Model Number: EP-MVG90 N

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