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Body size: Overall height: Approximately 230mm / Overall width: Approximately 360mm
A plastic model that needs to be assembled and painted. Separate tools, paint, etc. are required.
(C) 2001 Go Nagai / Dynamic Planning / Photon Power Research Institute The ultimate super robot Mazinkaiser that surpasses even gods and can defeat even demons has appeared in a plastic model! The huge wing "Kaiser Scrambler"
has a total width of 360 mm! Please take a look at the unique joint structure that makes both movement and movement compatible. The gimmick Kaiser Pilder comes with two types, one for coalescence and one for flight, and can be removed when coalescing.
-The huge sword that appears from the Z mark on the chest, Final Kaiser Blade, can be reproduced by replacing it even when it appears.
-The sword holder with the Final Kaiser blade has a movable shaft at the base, so a wide range of actions are possible.
-A huge wing Kaiser scrambler can be installed, of course, with a total width of 360 mm and a movable base.
-A wide range of movement is achieved while maintaining a massive proportion by using a lot of pull-out joints in each part.
-Since it is compatible with Flying Base Neo, you can enjoy it in various situations such as powerful aerial battles. Accessories
・ 2 types of Kaiser Pilder (when united and in flight)
・ Final Kaiser blade
・ 3 types of wrist parts (sword holder, grip hand, flat hand) left and right
・ Kaiser scrambler (from Discovery Japan Mall)

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