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Size: 4.2 × 3.7 × 13.3cm
System unit weight: Approximately 100 g
Accessories: Power adapter, ring x 2, stand
Country of origin: Japan
Power supply: AC100-240V
Power supply method: for both charging and AC
Number of uses: about 10 times (when fully charged)
Switching button: Mode switching / Strength switching
Charging / Mode / Strength display: LED lit
My mode memory function: A memory function that stores the level you always use
Charging time: 5 hours
Supports skin moisturizing in 4 modes
You can use your usual lotion and emulsion
Compatible with free voltage and can be used overseas with charging and AC
This product warranty and repair service support is available only in Japan
Description of the product that can not be supported abroad Esthetic feeling every day at home! Keep your skin moist with the lotion you always use! ◆ Micro-step waveform “Micro-step waveform” that suppresses skin irritation ◆ Memory function With memory function to memorize always used strength
◆ Surface plain sheet operation part adopts surface plain sheet without moisture penetration
◆ Cleansing mode Utilizes the properties of electricity (electrophoresis) to draw out dirt deep inside the pores that are difficult to remove with regular face washing
The principle of electrophoresis is also applied to DNA (gene) analysis
◆ Moist up mode Moisturizing lotion moisturizer supports the skin to create a barrier and lasts longer
◆ Two levels of strength mode You can choose the strength according to the condition of your skin
With indicator lamp
◆ Titanium head and titanium grip adoption Even those who are sensitive to metal can use it with confidence
◆ With stand which is convenient for storing /
・ Specifications
・ Power supply: Charging
・ AC type AC100-240V Number of times of use (at full charge): Approximately 10 times Switching button: Mode switching, high / low switching cm mass: Approx. 85 g Cord length: Approx. 1.5 m Accessories: Charging adapter, cotton mounting ring (2 pcs), stand / Notes (disclaimer)>
Please read Orders without intention to purchase (harassment) Luggage refusal, etc. Please do not
In such a case, it will be refunded with the amount of shipping cost deducted, order will be canceled

Model Number: CM-N810-P

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