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Target: Men
Set contents: Body-Blister pack included, instruction manual and warranty card are included in the instruction manual
Waterproof for everyday life:
Country of origin: China
Day (Japanese / English) display switching function
Driving time: When a new battery is inserted, the battery built into the watch you purchased for about 3 years is a monitor battery built in to check the function and performance of the watch.Brand description: Q&Q is Quality ( We have a wide range of products centered on eco-friendly solar power watches and radio clocks that do not require time adjustment under & Quality (to more people).
・ A standard watch that never gets tired of with a simple face and function
・ It has highly practical specifications such as waterproofing of daily life and day / date display at 3 o'clock. The day of the week display can be selected from Japanese and English. Gives a casual image and is easy to get familiar with the arm, so it is lightweight so you can reduce the burden on the arm.
Model Number: A206-107

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★★★★★ Cheap Citizen during formal
Post date : 4/09/2019

Google Translation
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Cheap Citizen during formal
We usually use cheap Casio and are very satisfied. At this time, there is no problem with Cheap Casio even in business. Rather, because it is now, there are cases where people who are expensive or wear a gotsuyi watch will feel negative and become negative. Taka is the story of a wristwatch, and it's annoying even though it is completely a matter of personal interests, but there are some unavoidable aspects in the midst of diversifying values. On the other hand, digital displays and urethane belt watches such as Cheap Casio have several times a year that make people feel that they are a little formal. At that time, the cheap citizen analog watch wo n’t complain. There is only a long-established watchmaker, and the design of analog watches is more abundant in Cheap Citizen than in Cheap Casio. The feature of this model (A206-107) is that the dial is Roman numerals, the leather belt is metal-plated with gold, and the design looks high. The dial is pure white, so visibility is high. Functionally, not only the date display but also the day of the week in Kanji or English is worth more than the price range. I have no personal hobby of collecting clocks, but I think that it would be ant to use multiple clocks at this price range.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review

普段はチープカシオを愛用していて、非常に満足しています。今時は、ビジネスの場でもチープカシオで全く問題ありません。むしろ今時なので、高価だったりゴツイ時計を付けている人がチャライと感じられネガティブになるケースもあります。たかが腕時計の話で、完全に個人の趣味の問題なのに面倒なんですが、価値観が多様化していく途上の時代で、しょうがない面はあります。反対に、チープカシオのようなデジタル表示&ウレタンベルトの腕時計だと、ちょっとフォーマルに欠けると人に感じさせてしまう局面も年に数回やってきます。そんな時、チープシチズンのアナログ腕時計なら文句は出ません。老舗の時計メーカーだけあって、アナログ時計のデザインは、チープカシオよりチープシチズンの方が豊富です。このモデル(A206-107)の特徴は、文字盤がローマ数字、革ベルトに金属部分がゴールドメッキ、というデザイン性の高さで値段以上に見えると思います。文字盤が真っ白なので、視認性も高いです。機能的にも、日付表示のみならず、曜日が漢字表記 or 英語表記で付いていることが価格帯以上の価値です。個人的に時計をコレクションする趣味は全く無いのですが、この価格帯の時計だったら、複数もって使い分けるのもアリかと思っています。

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★★★★★ Small (I felt a little smaller than what I could imagine with a photo), but it was highly functional.
Post date : 23/08/2019

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Translated by Google
Small (I felt a little smaller than what I could imagine with a photo), but it was highly functional.
For the size, it has good visibility, is intuitive, easy to handle, has good design for the price, and can be used firmly.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review


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