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Set contents: Body, box, instruction manual, warranty card are included in the instruction manual
Waterproof reinforcement for everyday life: 10BAR
Country of origin: Japan
GPS hybrid radio solar with Bluetooth [GPS satellite radio + smartphone link + radio stations for 6 stations around the world (JP x 2, North America, UK, Germany, China)]
Dual dial world time that can display the time of two cities simultaneously
JIS class 1 magnetic resistance
The `` G2000 Series '', an OCEANUS Bluetooth® equipped GPS radio solar system that continues to pursue advanced features and elegance, introduces a universe brother collaboration model from the G2000 series.
This time, with the theme of "Space", we made the specification with plenty of playfulness with the full cooperation of Mr. Chuya Koyama, the author of the popular manga "Space Brothers"
The G2000 series, which can receive radio waves from GPS satellites, is used as the base model based on the concept of satellites (moon, GPS) and the earth.
Gradient vapor deposition is adopted on the dial to express the beautiful earth
The sapphire glass bezel, which is divided into two colors in the image of the universe and the moon, expresses the earth as seen from the moon
The earth of the dial is a special design written by Mr. Koyama, with the theme of `` From the Moon To the Earth ''
which appears even in comics
In addition, the UTC notation on the bezel, the in-dial, the crown, etc., have red that is the accent color of the space suit
The package also features the theme of "Earth seen from the moon", similar to a watch, with the "footprints of the moon"
appearing in the work, the moon, earth, GPS satellites, and signatures of Mr. Koyama's original illustration, a special unique to this collaboration Package
OCEANUS, which has evolved with an adventurous spirit that is not bound by the common sense of watchmaking, and 700 specials in the world that resonate with the spirit of `` Space Brothers ''
creator Koyama, who combines insatiable search and playfulness in making things The birth of a collaboration model
[About the Space Brothers] Started serialization in "Morning"
(Kodansha) from 2007
An everyday and rich human being developed on the extraordinary stage of space development, with a brother who re-challenges his childhood dream after over 30 years old and a brother who trusts and supports such brother. The drama has gained popularity, and the popularity has exploded as the serialization progresses
In 2011, received the 56th Shogakukan Manga Award (General category) and the 35th Kodansha Manga Award (General category)
As of August 2019 (36 volumes already published), it became a huge hit with a cumulative total of over 20 million copies

・ Anti-magnetic watch (JI S1 class)
・ Tough solar (solar charging system)
・ 10 ATM water resistant function
GPS radio wave reception function: automatic reception (time reception, maximum once / day) / manual reception (position reception, time reception)
・ Standard radio wave reception function: Automatic reception (up to 6 times / day) (China radio wave up to 5 times / day), <Japan>
Received radio wave: JJY, frequency: 40 kHz / 60 kHz (Fukushima / <North America region>
Received radio wave: WWVB, frequency: 60 kHz <Europe region>
Received radio wave: MSF / DCF77, Frequency: 60kHz / 77.5kHz <China>
Received radio wave: BPC, frequency: 68.5 kHz * If the home time setting is set to a city that can receive standard radio waves, stations that match the city will be received.
The time difference is set by the set city or time zone

・ Mobile link function (function interlocking with Bluetooth® communication with compatible mobile phones)
・ Automatic needle position correction function
・ Airplane mode
・ World time: 39 cities in the world (39 time zones (may be updated by linking with smartphones), automatic summer time setting function) + UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time display, home time city replacement function
・ Stopwatch (1 second, 24 hours total)
・ Battery charge warning function
・ Power saving function (stops hand movement after a certain period of time in darkness to save power)
・ Date and day display
・ Fully automatic calendar
・ Driving time without solar power generation from full charge: When using the function / about 7 months, when in the power saving state / about 25 months * When GPS radio waves and standard radio waves are not received Or, when not linked with a smartphone, it operates with normal quartz accuracy (average monthly difference ± 15 seconds)
OCEANUS which continues to pursue high quality and high performance based on the brand concept of Elegance, Technology
The challenge of pursuing absolute precision, the movement of moving hands at high speed, and the persistent commitment to "blue"
Born from a sense of adventure and playfulness that is not bound by the common sense of watchmaking

Model Number: OCW-G2000SB-2AJR

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